Dec 022022

In both 2021 and 2020 we hosted premieres of music from albums by Ominous Scriptures from Minsk, Belarus. Now they’ve got a third full-length headed for release on January 27th via Willowtip Records, and we’re damned happy to support it with yet another premiere.

The name of this new full-length is Rituals of Mass Self-Ignition, and what an outrageously fine title that is, but no less outrageously fine than the monstrously hellish cover art that Jon Zig created for it.  One song from the album has already debuted, and the one we’re bringing today is the title track. Continue reading »

Nov 042022

It’s another Bandcamp Friday, and thus a good day to spend money. If you’re going broke, it’s also just a good day to listen to new music, because a lot of new stuff has come out today and in the recent days leading up to it.

I’ve picked a few things to recommend, leading off with some big Finnish names — even though their albums aren’t on Bandcamp! — and then getting more obscure and a lot more extreme.


Insomnium decided to make another concept album, which will be their ninth full-length overall. Entitled Anno 1696, and based on a short story by Niilo Sevänen (bass/vocals), it focuses on a time of famine in northern Europe and a period when witch hunts were in full swing all across the continent. The press release says, “Anno 1696 is a tornado of tormented souls, set to a tragedy of Greek proportions”. Sevänen comments: Continue reading »

Mar 182021


In 2015 the Belarusian brutal death metal band Ominous Scriptures independently released their debut album Incarnation of the Unheavenly, which was followed the next year by a CD release through Permeated Records. The band went on to release their sophomore album The Fall of the Celestial Throne last year through Willowtip Records, which we reviewed here.

But now an Italian label named Lethal Scissor Records (founded by members of Bloodtruth, Instigate, and Vomit the Soul) have returned to Incarnation of the Unheavenly and will be reissuing the album on March 30th in two CD editions as well as digitally. To help pave the way for that release, a lyric video has been produced for a track from the album named “The Corpses of Archangels in Bonfire“, and we’re premiering it today. Prepare to be gutted and pulverised. Continue reading »

Oct 132020


(Here is Vonlughlio’s review of the second full-length by the Belarusian death metal band Ominous Scriptures, which is out now on Willowtip Records and features striking cover art by Jon Zig.)

I have to say that I have been fortunate to write my small reviews and lists of best releases for some years now and am thankful to Islander for the trust.  As I’ve mentioned, my main purpose is to promote Brutal Death Metal since other genres are well-covered here. Having said that, yes I do listen to other genres as well but for the reasons mentioned I try to focus on BDM here in NCS, and am doing that again now.

Today the subject is a project from Belarus that goes by the name Ominous Scriptures. On August 28th they released their sophomore album The Fall of the Celestial Throne via Willowtip Records. This release is crushing from start to finish, revealing the work of outstanding musicians who have come together in crafting something special that will forever be cherished by their fans. Continue reading »