May 182021


As many will already know, Necrogod is a Rogga Johansson death metal project that combines his well-established songwriting and instrumental talents with the vocal horrors of The Master Butcher from Costa Rica, who is also a fixture in Morbid Stench and Insepulto.

Following on the heels of a 2015 debut EP (The Inexorable Death Reign) and a 2017 split with the afore-mentioned Morbid Stench (The Bifid Tongue of Doom & Death), this demolishing duo now have a debut full-length headed our way. Entitled In Extremis, it’s set for a July 23 release by Transcending Obscurity Records, and as you can see, it’s ornamented by the unmistakable cover art of Mariusz Lewandowski.

A couple of beastly and dynamically electrifying advance tracks have been uncaged so far, and today we’ve got a third one — “Remain the Same Again” — which reveals a further dimension of Necrogod’s songwriting for the new album.


This new song’s central riff, first introduced over a lumbering, lurching, neck-cracking rhythm, is a heavy, ghastly, moaning thing. Every time it reappears, it perversely becomes more memorable. In between those appearances are eruptions of derangement, with skittering and seething fretwork and turbulent drums creating a feeling of chaos. Johansson also peppers the music with bursts of percussive jackhammering and of screeching string abrasion, and the track further includes a pair of solos — one fiery and demented, the other dismal and slithering.

Above it all, The Master Butcher delivers a spine-tingling vocal performance, expelling harrowing leonine screams and lycanthropic howls that are frighteningly vicious and vehement.

All in all, it’s a twisted, gruesome, bone-bruising experience that manages to generate an unearthly, beyond-the-grave atmosphere while simultaneously burying its grooves and dread-inducing melodic hooks in the listener’s head.



As usual, Transcending Obscurity is releasing In Extremis in a variety of formats and with apparel that makes good use of the eye-catching cover art. The label recommends the record for fans of Undeath, Grave, Paganizer, Cannibal Corpse, Broken Hope, Baphomet, Of Feather and Bone, and Malignant Altar.

Below, in addition to pre-order links, we’re also including streams of those two previously released songs from the album, “In Mortal Confinement” (a blizzard-like and bounding barrage that also ominously heaves and hammers) and “Bringers of Blasphemy” (a completely unhinged spasm of exultant violence that also puts your skull under a pile-driver and ends with a very cool bass motif).






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