Jul 262021


We are told that the Finnish band Moon Oracle was first formed by Sûrya-Ishtara and U after spending years searching for their own sound with previous bands, and that they then asked Harald Mentor to fill the role of vocalist, knowing his abilities from such acts as Ride for Revenge, Incriminated, and Uskonrauha, among many others.

What they’ve accomplished together is the creation of a 26-minute debut record entitled Muse of the Nightside, presenting music that’s equally informed by archaic black metal and eldritch doom. It is a strange and twisted experience, capable of invoking dread and fear but simultaneously proving to be charismatic in its own ghastly and primeval way — as you shall learn for yourselves through our premiere today of the record’s opening track, “The Huntress and the Hunted“, in advance of the full release on August 18th by Signal Rex and Bestial Burst.



With the guitar shrouded in ugly abrasion, the cymbals cracking like a whip, and the macabre and maddened voice of a gargoyle proclaiming the lyrics, the song proceeds like an imperious necrotic march with the sulfurous aroma of old arcane doom. The sound is primitive and evil, and becomes even more evil when the music spasms in flurries of magma-like bass and hammering percussion.

But the song also slows and twists into a netherworld dimension, eerie bass notes burbling forth as the guitars whine behind methodically clobbering drums and screaming vocal hostility. At times the music seems to weave like a drugged demon, and also to claw and crawl and moan, underscoring the song’s sinister, supernatural, and abysmal aura. Chillingly, it also lingers in the mind once done.

Perhaps now you understand what we were getting at in attempting to describe the song, and will understand as well the band’s choice of a title for their debut — Muse of the Nightside.

Signal Rex and Bestial Burst will release it on CD, 12″ vinyl, and cassette tape formats, as well as digitally. And below you’ll also have a chance to check out a pair of previously released tracks.

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