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If you do a little poking around in the landfill of the internet you can find videos of legends before they were legends, such things as a 1989 rehearsal by Sepultura (here), a bootleg video of Carcass performing in that same year (here), and a Sodom concert from 1988 (here). One thing that jumps out, besides the energy of the music, is just how fucking young they all looked.

The Ukrainian thrash metal band Mortal Vision look damned young too — because they are damned young, in their early-to-mid 20s. But they’ve got that same kind of lightning-in-a-bottle energy you see in early performances by the legends, and a precocious talent for cooking up hell-raising, neck-wrecking music that’s highly contagious. Their label Redefining Darkness Records pitches them as “Schizophrenia-era Sepultura meets Persecution Mania-era Sodom at its finest”, and they are indeed a new force to be reckoned with.

As vivid proof of that, today we’ve got the premiere of an explosive video for “Devastated Existence“, which is a new single off Mortal Vision‘s forthcoming debut album, Mind Manipulation.



The band tell us: “The main source of inspiration for this song are our realities in today’s society. In the lyrics of this song we tried to describe our feelings about the very real ‘social divide’ between those with wealth & power vs. the common people.”

The song leaps forward like an uncaged lion, ripping and racing in electrifying fashion, driven by pulse-pounding drumwork, turbocharged riffing that skitters and blares, and ferocious vocals. In the midst of their wild, hell-for-leather gallop the band also twist the mood of the music in more sinister and menacing directions (there’s a cold, predatory feeling about those more restrained frenzies), but also turn up the flames with a shrieking, whammy-bar solo.



Redefining Darkness were drawn to Mortal Vision by a previous demo entitled Madness of Messiah, which the label re-issued this past spring with a new mix and master, and by a video for the first single from the new album, “Forced Extermination” (here’s a hint: that song rips too, while also channeling the chill of the supernatural). Below we’ve included streams of both those things, as further reinforcement of the idea that Mortal Vision are worth the complete attention of all thrash maniacs.

Devastated Existence” will soon be available on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. The video was filmed by Eugene Danilenko and edited by Pavel [Deztraktor] Saverskiy0. Arthur Dendrolog and Mortal Vision recorded the song, and Nikita Yudin mixed and mastered it. The artwork for the single is by MYF.

And as of today, the new album is available for pre-order from Redefining Darkness in advance of its October 29 release date — check the link below.






  1. That’s freakingly awesome!!! The guys are much more than just an ordinary thrash metal band. All of us should keep our eyes on them, as for sure we can see such a rare nowadays rare birth of the rising metal stars. Pure ecstasy. Just listen, and you’ll understand

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