Sep 032021


Suitably on a Bandcamp Friday, today is the official release date for a new stand-alone single by the Melbourne-based death metal band Aeons Abyss. Fittingly named “Prelude To Terror“, it also serves as a ravaging introduction to the band’s sophomore album Terror Manifest, which is now set for release on November 5th. And to help spread the word, we’re premiering a lyric video for the track right now.

In crafting the new album, Aeons Abyss have built upon the work they began in 2017 and have drawn into play an array of stylistic ingredients that range from melodic death metal to experimental thrash/grind. But they’ve also drawn upon their skills as storytellers, with each track representing a card from the deck of Tarot and (as they reveal) delving into “what these characters mean, not just to the individual, but to all of society as we currently know it…. Terror Manifest explores what the world has made of us, and what acts of terror must be done to end the mental imprisonment thrust upon us by the greed of nations”.


Paul O’Brien (left) / Steven O’Brien (right)


2017 was the starting point for Aeons Abyss, but in fact it was a reunion of two old friends (Steven O’Brien and Paul O’Brien) who had performed together in a previous band, inspired by the classic works of such ’80s death metal greats as Morbid Angel and Obituary. The renewed collaboration led to the 2019 debut album Impenitent, and now to Terror Manifest.

This new single, “Prelude To Terror“, is a thrillingly vicious but multi-faceted piece of work, propelled by livid menace, bleak despair, and broiling rage. As the song’s protagonist tells his tale in scalding snarls and terrorizing screams, the music jolts the senses through start-stop bursts of battering drums and darting/jabbing riffage. A feeling of derangement comes through in the jittery and swirling fretwork, but eerie, fluid soloing also creates a feeling of forlorn misery, and the music’s melody also manages to spawn sonic visions of terrible tragedy.



In anticipation of spreading the word about Terror Manifest through stage performances (pandemic permitting), the two O’Brien’s have recruited a live line-up that also includes Brett Saw, Leigh Boyd, and James O’Brien (all shown below).

Terror Manifest will be launched on November 5th on all digital platforms, as well as through limited runs of vinyl, CD and cassette, with accompanying apparel and — of course! — a deck of Terror Manifest tarot cards. For more info about today’s new single, the new album, and the band in general, check the link of links below:


  1. Badass track great job guys

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