Mar 142022


Relentless emotional intensity is a hallmark of the new song and video by the Danish trio Afsind that we’re presenting today, but so is change. The dark power of “Tortur” is ceaseless, but it takes different shapes. It has elements that someone might say are “atmospheric”, but it also packs a visceral punch. Black metal is a clear influence, but it pulls from other stylistic well-springs too.

It’s such a gripping and dynamic song that, all by itself, it marks Afsind as a band to watch closely, and their self-titled debut album as one to put on your wish list. It will be released by Vendetta Records on April 29th.

In “Tortur” the riffs come in waves. In the troughs, the sound is bitter and cold. When they crest, the sensations are searing, and seem to channel a fervent yearning, like massed hands grasping for something important that continues to move beyond their reach.

Unexpectedly, those immersive vibrating chords vanish, and the music skitters and stomps, a short and surprising digression before the waves roll on again, dousing the senses in melancholy before becoming vibrant and resilient — almost playful.

The grip of the music is also a function of the dynamism of the drumming, which changes even more often than the riffs, and to the heavy undulations of the bass and the raw impact of scorching screams and torrid roars.

The intensity of the music is matched by the scenes of the band throwing themselves into the performance of the song:

So, circle April 29th on your calendars, or better yet just get your pre-orders in now:




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