Mar 242022

Man, have we got a wild and explosive experience lined up for you! And for that we give thanks to the veteran gang of Finnish crust-punk marauders who’ve joined forces behind the name Noise Aholic.

This project is the brain-child of Pedersöre crust-punk Owe Inborr, known for his work with Wolfthrone Studios, Dispyt, and Ondfödt. To help realize his savage visions on the new EP Narcissistvärld which we’re now premiering, he brought together a formidable group of guests who seem to have fully united behind those visions. They include:

Mathias Lillmåns (Finntroll, Dispyt, …and Oceans), KjellHell (Bob Malmström, Jarruketju), Dario Kåll and La55e Dog (Dogshit Boys, Trashcan Dance) on guest vocals; Jacob Björnfot (Kvaen), Otto Kaalikoski (Bob Malmström, S.A.A.B.) and Marco Lindholm (Marco Luponero and The Loud Ones) on lead guitars; Matias Löfman (Bob Malmström, Varoshan, S.A.A.B.) on bass, and the whole The Dogshit Boys and Bob Malmström on gang vocals.

Narcissistvärld delivers 10 tracks that run roughshod for 23 minutes and change. At their heights of intensity (and they’re really always high on intensity), the songs discharge fast-paced bass turbulence, viciously hammering drums, slashing and delirious guitar work, and explosive vocals that are as raw as a fresh wound. The music hits like electrodes shoved into your neck dialed up to full power while a cudgel-armed gang bludgeons your neck with bloody-minded intensity.

The vocals, which spit the words in a flash, range from rabid, teeth-bared howls to incinerating screams, livid gang yells, and pungent grunts. It sounds like inmates in a burning asylum for the criminally insane who’ve decided to get drunk while the flames engulf them.

The riffing is never less than barbarous and brazen, but it’s also damned infectious, and the band chop up the raking attacks with episodes of jolting groove and deliriously demented soloing. The tempos change, and so do the moods, shifting from sensations of black-eyed bleakness to outbursts of unchained, free-swinging mayhem and even glorious splendor (check out the penultimate track for that).

The burly bass persistently plays a prominent role, and the drumming is always lights-out. They combine to give the songs a relentless visceral punch.

In short, Noise Aholic prove themselves metal/punk masters of music that lives on adrenaline and the d-beat, and will get your own adrenaline flooding in a relentless surge. If you’ve never been in an alcohol-fueled back-alley brawl or a barroom free-for-all, this is the next best thing. It will leave you smiling through bleeding lips and busted teeth and ready to conquer the bastard world single-handedly.

And now, take some big gulps of air and get started:



Owe Inborr wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered this beast at his own Wolfthrone Studios (where he has worked with a wide range of artists and produced over 50 albums), and he enlisted John Bloggs to create the record’s cover art.

Narcissistvärld will be released tomorrow — March 25th — by Elitbolaget on all popular streaming platforms and on C-cassette (the cassette release is a joint effort by Elitbolaget & Stadin Rec.) Check the links below for how to get it, and then be sure to lend your eyes and ears to the video for the new album’s title track, which features KjellHell on lead vocals, Matias Löfman on bass, and Bob Malmström and The Dogshit Boys on gang vocals.

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