Apr 192022

We’re about to turn our focus to a dangerous place where the vicious vectors of technical, brutal, and slamming death metal intersect, a place from which the U.S. band Vulnificus have launched their savage and scintillating attacks.

The band is a fairly new project, having formed just last year, but the project’s two members — multi-instrumentalist Wilson Sherels (Epidermolysis. among many others) and Eston Browne (Abolishing The Ignominious, ex-Gigan) — aren’t novices. That will become apparent from the song we’re premiering today from their second EP, Invocation, which is set for release on June 10th by New Standard Elite.

The name of this new track is “The Incredulous Invocation”, and we’ll share what vocalist Eston Browne has told us about it:

“The Incredulous Invocation” is the final track on our second EP following the first single “Coerced Into Compliance”. With this track, in the first verse, I detail the level in which we live in cryptic ways through numbers (gematria) and symbols (“A culture of inexplicable language, becoming who we are”) but those who acknowledge the truth are vilified. The lyrics to “Coerced” were meant to highlight groupthink and how that, along with external pressures, will allow us to comply with things we wouldn’t normally be in agreement with due to fear of losing our lives or the conveniences of life that make us comfortable.

Over the course of the four minutes and change that this new song consumes,  Vulnificus first lead the listener into their daunting maze with an eerie, ominous, yet seductive ambient segment (created by Eston Browne), and then turn the corner into a shattering war-zone of turbocharged percussive battering, dense sandpaper-toned riffing that’s maniacally vicious, and guttural gurgling from the deepest bowels of hell.

As the labyrinth continues to twist and turn, the band inflict pile-driving hammer blows and drumwork that spits bullets at a blazing rate of speed — but they suddenly segue into a funky bass solo backed by measured snare pops, and then convulse in an even more crazed paroxysm of feeding-frenzy riffage, bestial growls. and obliterating drum assaults.

Invocation comes recommended for fans of Defeated Sanity, Cenotaph, early-Suffocation, Immolation, Wormed, Deeds of Flesh, and Condemned. Pre-order info is below, along with a stream of that first single off the album, “Coerced Into Compliance“.



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