Apr 242022


This will be much shorter than I expected. Overnight, one of my family members was seriously injured and will need surgery today. I’m now crossing the water from the NCS island headquarters in order to be with him in the hospital. I know everyone here will understand.

I’ll leave you with a new Rotting Christ song, “Holy Mountain,” which features guest vocals by Lars Nedland of Borknagar and Solefald. In turn, Nedland‘s band Black Void released a new song last week that included guest vocals by Sakis Tolis (I wrote about that one on Friday).

  8 Responses to “SHADES OF BLACK (NOT TODAY)”

  1. Good luck to you and yours, Islander.

    • Thank you very much. Long day and night at the hospital yesterday. The surgery was successful. Other folks here at NCS have stepped up. We’ll keep rolling pretty close to normal this week.

      • Ah, that’s grand to hear! I am sure no-one will take mind of you having yourself some days off.

      • Good to hear, scares like that really put you on edge.

        Ripping song. Really unexpected to hear melodic clean singing kicking off a Rotting Christ song. Beautiful video too.

  2. Take care Islander! I hope your relative is ok! Take all the time you need.

  3. Hope all’s well dude.

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