Jul 262022


The Cleveland band Wyld Timez began life in 2019 during the pandemic as an off-shoot of the formidable black metal trio Burial Oath, whom we’ve praised repeatedly at this site, but they’ve really caught fire in the last year, with a self-titled EP released in April 2021, and another one named Let the Devil In that hit the streets just last month.

The releases so far were written and tracked by vocalist/guitarist J, creating a blend of speed metal and metal/punk in the vein of Venom, Motörhead, and The Casualties, but the live band also now includes drummer Luis and bassist Rob. You’ll get to see all three of them in action in the video we’re premiering today for a hell-raising track named “Burn” off the latest EP.

True to its name, “Burn” is a scorcher, but it’s got sharp hooks too. Wyld Timez set the hook immediately with a skittering and blaring riff that proves to be quickly infectious, and they back that feral and exultant riffage with fast, hammering drums, a rumbling bass line, and raw, teeth-bared snarls.

A plethora of swirling and soaring guitar solos send the heat higher, and the band somehow manage to rampage even more ferociously before the end comes, while also introducing ingredients that give the track a grim undercurrent..

As for the very well-made video, it cuts quickly between the performers, all of them backed by blackness (and a bit of smoke in places), throws in some slo-mo footage to keep you on your toes, and does a great job capturing the ripping energy of the band’s live execution.

Let the Devil In is available on digital and cassette formats via Bandcamp and on CD via Road Rat Records, and we’ve included a full stream below. You should be happy to know that Wyld Timez are at work on a debut album, and we’ll be stoked when that one heads our way.



  1. Wyld Timez is the shit!!!!

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