May 162022


Tишина (“Tishina” or “Silence”) is a new melodic doom/death project founded by Serbian musician Branislav Panić, known for his work in the blackened death metal band Bane. Under the banner of Tишина, he has drawn upon the influence of such bands as Saturnus, October Tide, Mourning Beloveth, and Doom:vs, among others, and the results are now captured on a debut album named Увод… (“Uvod…” or “Introduction…”), which was inspired mainly by a book of poems named Nad Vodama Aheronta by the Serbian author Predrag Rava.

Увод… will be co-released on May 30th by Satanath Records, Hypnotic Dirge Records, and The End Of Time Records. As that day fast approaches, we are now presenting a song from the album named “Јутро Последњег Дана” (Jutro Poslednjeg Dana), which is a remarkable amalgam of sensations, both spellbinding and hard-hitting. Continue reading »

May 152022

I forgot that my spouse planned an outing for us this morning, so I’m hurrying. Thankfully, I had time to make these selections before this morning. I think they will provide a scintillating musical adventure for the adventure-seekers among you. It was definitely an adventure for me, since I’m pretty sure I hadn’t heard the music of any of these bands before, and they’re all making their first appearance at our site. Without further ado, let’s go….


Brooklyn-based Horns & Hooves will have their debut album I Am the Skel Messiah released on June 17th by Invictus Productions. Not having heard their 2016 demo Consecrate the Marrow or their 2017 EP Morbid Lust, I didn’t know what to expect, and so the album’s first advance track popped my eyes wider and dropped my jaw to the point of unhinging. Continue reading »

May 142022

If you happened to wade through my windy intro to yesterday’s small-ish roundup, then you know I had a ton of new songs and videos to check out, and hoped to pull together a lot more picks today than I managed to do yesterday.

Unfortunately, for reasons I won’t get windy about today, I haven’t been able to dig as deeply into that big pile of new things as I’d hoped, so this followup roundup will also be smallish, but hopefully still worth your time. (More to come tomorrow.)


Kyle Tavares has been a very busy man this year. Aided by some talented bandmates, his group Vital Spirits released a new album, and his band Seer released a new EP (both of which we premiered, here and here), and now Wormwitch (the third active band in which he is a key participant) just released a new digital single yesterday, along with a video that had its premiere at Decibel. Continue reading »

May 132022


In the outer world, Friday the 13th is often perceived as an unlucky day. But in the crypts, swamps, deserts, and various infernal and post-apocalyptic dimensions where most of our beloved music dwells, the signifiers of luck are reversed. Which makes it strange that on this Friday the 13th we have no music or video premieres on our calendar.

On the one hand, since I write almost all of our premieres, that should have meant I had a block of free time to round up some new songs and videos. On the other hand, I used most of the block going through the thousand NCS e-mails I had mostly ignored all week long. What did that get me? Links to about a hundred new songs and clips I thought might conceivably be interesting — and almost no time to listen and watch. I question my judgment.

To deal with the conundrum, I just quickly picked the following three items and deferred the rest of the sifting process to some point later today or tonight, with the goal of having a more fulsome round-up on Saturday. Continue reading »

May 132022

(With a new album and a new split under their belts for 2022 so far, Druid Lord have made a strong start for the year, and the time was right for Comrade Aleks to reach out to Druid Lord guitarist Pete Slate for a new conversation — and you’ll find the results below.)

I love Druid Lord, and I bet that you love them. Their debut album Hymns for the Wicked (2010), which represented wicked death-doom metal, offered a few absolutely thrilling tracks and a sweet old-school attitude which was propelled ahead through a series of splits and EPs until the sophomore full-length Grotesque Offerings (2018) appeared.

Druid Lord introduced me to a few old horror movies that I didn’t know, as well as their death-doom colleagues Wooden Stake, another great band with a similar concept behind it. I couldn’t skip their new album Relics of the Dead, released by Hells Headbangers Records earlier in 2022, and now – in addition – Me Saco Un Ojo Records has announced Druid Lord’s split with Anatomia which is scheduled for release on May 15th. Another good reason to get in touch with mister Pete Slate (guitars), who’s always ready to talk about “doom/death metal with horror themes and overtones”. Continue reading »

May 122022


After looking at the cover art for the new Cartilage album The Deader The Better, plus imbibing the band photos and the first few singles and videos for the record, I decided to imbibe large quantities of alcohol before writing what you’re about to read. For this album, I figured no one would want to read anything sober about the music, because the music isn’t made for sober people. Or I guess I should say that it’s made for people, sober or not, who want to get drunk on the wild riot that this album provides, even if you choose not to consume intoxicants of your own.

People come to extreme metal for lots of reasons, and there’s so much variety in extreme metal that it’s capable of feeding almost whatever you hunger for, and whatever mood you’re in, or whatever mood you want to get into. If you’re already feeling wild, this is one of those album’s that will push that up to potentially dangerous levels. If you’re a morose asshole, this will make you feel mean and even more disgusted about yourself. If you’re just somewhere in the middle, the mayhem will make you ruin your neck and smile through broken teeth and churning viscera.

The album may not be what your psychotherapist would order, but they’re groping in the dark anyway, and they probably didn’t take any courses in fucked-ed up death/gore, more’s the pity. Maybe we should begin a letter-writing campaign to places that teach counseling and psychology/psychiatry? Yeah no, that’s the demon alcohol talking. Continue reading »

May 122022


Last year marked the 15th anniversary of the Perúvian black/death metal band Two Face Sinner. Across that span of years they released an EP and three albums of satanic blasphemy, and have shared the stage with the likes of Rotting Christ, Nargaroth, God Dethroned, and Belphegor.

Two Face Sinner‘s most recent album, Spiritual Nemesis, was released in 2020 by Non Serviam Records (on CD and digitally). As a reminder of its diabolical allure, last fall we premiered a lyric video for the record’s second track, “Satanic Altar“. One good turn deserves another, and so today we’re presenting another lyric video, this one for “Servants of Blind Faith Continue reading »

May 112022

Last month the Parisian band Lux Incerta, whose name is a Latin expression which describes the moment light succumbs to darkness, released their first album in a decade via the Klonosphere label. Three years in the making, Dark Odyssey carries forward the influences that shaped the group’s genesis, which owed a debt to such bands as Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Cathedral, but brings into play other genre ingredients as well, including prog, death, and post-black metal.

Thematically, the band built the new album around a concept that suggests a personal and exploratory journey into the depths of oneself, “on the border between darkness and light, between joy and sadness, life, and death”, to quote the words of the band. Lux Incerta have further commented: “It’s very special for us, and it takes on a fuller meaning since one of our own bandmates, Michel ‘Shervine’ Hejazy passed away a few weeks before hitting the studio. This album is dedicated to his memory.” And the album includes a couple of solos that Shervine recorded during the pre-production phase.

Dark Odyssey a powerful album, heavy in its emotional impact as well as its sound, and that’s evident from the song that’s the subject of a video we’re premiering today: “Decay & Agony“. Continue reading »

May 112022

(Temple of Mystery Records will soon release a new album by the Quebec heavy/doom metal band Cauchemar, and that prompted Comrade Aleks to get in touch with vocalist Annick Giroux. We present that discussion now.)

True followers of Doom Cult know Canadian Cauchemar well, and we have good news for them as Temple of Mystery Records are going to release the band’s third album on May 16th. They bear the torch of original heavy metal doom since 2007 and have never failed, providing the best they can.

A die-hard and honest approach, French lyrics, the charismatic vocals of Annick Giroux and melodic guitars of François Patry, accompanied by the rhythm section performed by Andres Arango (bass) and Joel Ladouceur (drums) – all these components make Rosa Mystica an unforgettable experience. There’s some time left before this celebration for old-school metalheads, and we have a conversation with Annick regarding this new release. Continue reading »

May 102022

With a 2019 demo and a pair of 2020 live EPs under their belts, the U.S. death metal band Voimaton are about to make a big step forward with a debut album named Profane Vestige that’s set for release on June 10th via Personal Records. It presents a selection of both previously released and new tracks that collectively demonstrate the band’s mastery of a particularly gruesome and bone-smashing form of doom-afflicted death metal.

The trio who make up the band — Dave Tibbets (vocals, bass), Pat O’Hara (drums), and Henry Fordney (guitars) — proceed together under a name that’s of Finnish origin and loosely translates to “powerless”, and while feelings of powerlessness and nihilism work their way into the songs’ lyrical themes, the music is anything but weak and defenseless, as you’ll learn from our premiere of the album track “Bile” — which is indeed a bilious piece of music, and a barbaric one.. Continue reading »