Feb 122020


The Serbian duo All My Sins devote themselves to the creation of atmospheric black metal as a journey on the path of southern Slavic mysticism. Following their 2018 debut album Pra sila – Vukov totem and a 2017 EP (Zov iz Magle) that we premiered and reviewed here  — both of which are well worth your time if you haven’t yet discovered them — the band will soon be releasing a new EP named Plamen i Led (Flame and Ice) through the partnership of Casus Belli Musica and Beverina.

The EP consists of three songs, two of which are the band’s interpretation of songs originally released by Luna (Yugoslavia) and Old Wainds (Russia), while the third is a re-shaped version of a song from All My Sins‘ second demo in 2004. Along with some further details about the EP, what we’re presenting today is the premiere stream of the Old Wainds cover, and an accompanying video. Continue reading »

Jan 172019


As forecast yesterday, I’ve decided to stay in blackened realms for this next installment of songs for the 2018 list. The following three tracks are very dark in more ways than one, and they all made a big emotional impact when I first heard them. They’ve stayed with me since then, and although you could easily pick other tracks from each album for the list, the vivid memories of those first experiences have inclined me toward these.


In the run-up to the release of this Portuguese band’s debut album, Unsettling Whispers, I wrote about no fewer than five of the tracks as they were made available for public listening, ultimately trying to capture what the band had done on the songs in these words: Continue reading »

Feb 082018


(We present the premiere of a new two-song EP by the Serbian duo All My Sins, which is now available on Bandcamp, preceded by a review of the release by Andy Synn.)


There are some people out there who would have you believe that there are only really two types of bands – “innovators” and “imitators”.

But this is a vast, and misleading, over-simplification of how things really are.

The truth of the matter is that most bands will never be the next Mayhem/Opeth/Meshuggah… or whoever… but that doesn’t mean their music doesn’t have value.

In fact I’d contend that it’s more important to be distinctive, rather than “innovative”, in your chosen field, and that the willingness and ability to truly pour your heart and soul into your music, to twist and tweak established facets and features into something that truly represents your vision, is the most vital thing of all. Continue reading »

Apr 232017


I whittled the great limb of blackened music I found over the last week down to a spear, but it was a spear with 10 barbs. I organized the music alphabetically by band name and decided, as I stared at what I’d done, that music from 10 bands was too much for a single post. So, I’ve divided it into two parts, while maintaining the alphabetical ordering. I haven’t finished writing Part 2, so not sure if it will come later today or tomorrow (but probably tomorrow).


Of Forsworn Vows is the debut EP of a two-man project named ÆRA (the creator of all the music seems to be from Chile, the vocalist from Missouri). It was digitally released in February, but it’s now available on tape through Desolated Woods Records, and it appears that Aeternitas Tenebrarum plans to make a CD release (the Bandcamp download has been updated so that the tracks now consist of the CD masters). Continue reading »