Jun 112015


My how time flies. The last time the name Ambassador Gun appeared on our site was more than two years ago, when we praised some of the music from their 2012 Prosthetic Records release Golden Eagle. Now, finally, this Minneapolis band have come roaring back with a new full-length named Tomb of Broken Sleep set for release this summer, and we’ve got one of the new tracks for you — a monster named “Invaders”.

There’s a reason for that blurred, fanged muzzle on the cover of the new album. You’ll figure it out pretty damned quick when you let “Invaders” loose in your head. It’s a hybrid barrage of death/grind/crust propelled by riffs so monstrously beefy that they’ll vibrate your teeth and by bass-and-drum blows that go off like warheads. Continue reading »

Sep 082012

Here are a randomly noticed assortment of art, news, new music, and a video I saw and heard yesterday that I thought were well worth sharing.


Vastum are a Bay Area band who began under the name Corpus as a side project of vocalist Dan Butler and guitarist Kyle House from the amazing Acephalix, whose titanic 2012 album Deathless Master I reviewed here. They were eventually joined by guitarist Leila Abdul-Rauf (Hammers of Misfortune, ex-Saros), bass-player Luca Indrio from Acephalix, and drummer  Adam Perry. Their five-song debut, Carnal Law, which was originally released as a demo, made quite the splash in 2011, delivering a filthy, crusty, punk-influenced take on death metal.

Yesterday I happened to see the artwork at the top of this post. It’s one of the latest creations by the uber-talented Paolo Girardi, whose work I follow closely (and have featured at NCS many times before). When he posted it on his Facebook page, it came with this notation: “VASTUMPATRICIDAL LUST (2012)”.

I’ve seen no other news that Vastum are planning on a new release this year, but that’s sure what Paolo Girardi’s artwork and explanatory note suggest. I really hope that’s what it means. If you’re unfamiliar with Vastum, Carnal Law can be streamed and purchased at Bandcamp (here), and you might want to give it a listen after the jump. Continue reading »