Apr 212023

The Swiss noise rock band Asbest have been moving toward the May 19 release of their new album Cyanide in leaps and bounds. Beginning last fall they dropped a single, and then leaped… coming to earth a month later with another one… and then landing with another one a few months later… and another one a few months after that. Each one has been made available digitally, and each one has been an eye-opener.

The most recent of the singles is “Cyanide for Breakfast“. It landed last month. It might be the last single before the album release by A Tree In A Field Records / Czar Of Crickets Productions, but there’s still one more Asbest landing before then — a fascinating video for that same song that we’re presenting today. Continue reading »

Sep 242022

Fell Ruin

Yesterday, September 23rd, was the first day of autumn in the northern hemisphere, as defined by the September equinox. And so we begin the inexorable march toward the Winter Solstice (with the autumnal equinox in between, when all the spooks come out).

I thought about focusing today on music with a cloudy and wintry cast, but it still seems too early to be that blinkered in the choices. I also thought about focusing solely on music released on the first day of fall, especially since I did a shit job keeping up with press releases and other sources of new music this past week. It would have been easier just to make selections from the top of the pile. But this morning I did manage to do a lot of catching up, and made some selections from earlier days too.


We’ve been waiting with bated breath for something more from this Detroit band over the five long years since the release of their debut album, To the Concrete Drifts. At last that “something more” is here, in the shape of a new album intriguingly named Cast in Oil The Dressed Wrought. Last week brought the first song from the album, “Stain the Field“, along with a video that makes a frighteningly intense and extravagantly twisted song even more nightmarish. Continue reading »

Sep 132018


It’s a tough call whether the music or the imagery in this new video is the more intense, the more disturbing, and the more captivating aspect of the experience — not that we must make a choice, of course. The fact that both the song and the film are so gripping (and so unnerving) just makes the integration of the two unusually compelling.

The song is not brand new. “They Kill” was the first single released earlier this year from Driven, the new album by the Swiss trio Asbest, which will hit the streets on September 28th via Czar of Bullets and A Tree In A Field Records. But even if you’ve heard it before, it’s not the kind of thing whose novelty wears off easily. And if this video provides the occasion for you to hear it the first time, you couldn’t find a better introduction to the song. Continue reading »