Jan 272017


Here we are at the 18th Part of this list. Once again, I ran out of time yesterday before I could post a further installment of this series, so I’ve included more songs than usual in this one. To browse through the other songs that have appeared on the list previously, click HERE.

I grouped these four songs together for a couple of reasons. First, they all include elements of black metal to varying degrees, but you probably wouldn’t call any of them “black metal” in any conventional sense. Which leads me to my second point: in addition to being genre-benders, all these artists have blended and bent conventional genres in ways that lead to some very strange and even unsettling results — and the fact that all of these tracks also manage to be addictive is a further testament to their creativity


I assume it comes as no shock that I’m adding a song from The Xun Protectorate to the list. We published not one but two laudatory reviews of the album, along with an interview of Khonsu’s mastermind S. Gronbech. Everyone at our site loved the record. Continue reading »

Dec 062016



Ten years after Black Hole Generator released the debut EP Black Karma, they have returned with a debut album. Bearing the title A Requiem For Terra, it has now been released by Dark Essence Records, and today we are delighted to share with you the premiere of a fascinating video for the album’s third track, “Moloch“.

The song has a cold, midnight-dark, hallucinatory quality as well as an occult atmosphere of building tension and threatening peril that spills over into fusillades of violence. The video created by Romanian artist and musician Costin Chioreanu (a name that will be well known to our readers) makes a perfect match for this gripping but unnerving song, and is also an unsettling but thoroughly engrossing panorama of bleak visions all by itself. Continue reading »

Oct 192016



Ten years ago a band named Black Hole Generator released a debut EP called Black Karma. After that long absence Black Hole Generator is returning with a debut album entitled A Requiem For Terra, which will be released next month by Dark Essence Records. Consider this about the people who have participated in it:

First, there is the creative force behind Black Hole Generator, Vulture Industries’ main man and long-time Taake and Helheim producer Bjørnar E. Nilsen. And then there is guitarist Arve Isdal (Ice Dale) of Enslaved and Audrey Horne, plus Gjermund Fredheim (Taake/Orkan) contributing lead guitars on three tracks, as well as additional guitars by Dag Terje Andersen. Also, the distinctive Romanian artist and musician Costin Chioreanu made the cover art.

By dropping those names, I suspect we have now seized your attention. And while we have it, we would like to share with you the premiere of the new album’s title track. It will seize your attention, too. Continue reading »

May 292011

Sorry to be so rude in my choice of words. I blame the music I’m about to play for you. Let me try that again:

It’s time for you to shake off the somnalent after-effects of your Saturday-night slumbers and become fully alert. Is that better?

So, maybe you really aren’t ready to wake up and would prefer to remain dozy and slothlike for a while longer. If so, do not watch the videos I have collected to begin this sleepy Sunday. The music will not allow you to remain soporific. Or somnalent. Or slothlike. Or other words beginning with S.

For our five-alarm music today, we have an offering of new and old music videos. First up is a new performance video from a French band of which we are big fans here at NCS — Eryn Non Dae. After that, an evil song from Black Hole Generator (Norway), with an official video that’s almost as disturbing as the music. Then, two more new videos — one from Egyptian-born Nader Sadek and the other from The Generals (Sweden). And finally, I’ve got a new song from a UK band called The Soulless (formerly Ignominious Incarceration). The styles of metal are diverse, but all this music will whomp you in the noggin.

If you’re not awake and banging your fucken head after hearing all these songs, then, as a trained medical professional, I believe I can clinically classify you as comatose. Continue reading »