Oct 142016



(Norway-based metal writer Karina Noctum returns to NCS with this interview of guitarist Jeff Liefer and vocalist Jason Keyser of the band Crator, whose line-up also includes drummer John Longstreth and bassist Colin Marston. Their debut album The Ones Who Create : The Ones Who Destroy was released last month and can be streamed at the end of this interview.)

I think Crator is the best of all the bands you play with (Origin, Krallice, Skinless) and it makes it sound pretty unique actually. Why did you guys feel the need to start this band? What are you aiming for with this project?

Jeff:  The aim was to create something punishing, dark, and cerebral.  Our styles clash to create a production whose sound diverges from our separate projects yet still retaining each individual’s creative signature. Continue reading »

Mar 272012

Through the miracles of modern wi-fi technology, I am writing and posting this piece from a Boeing 737-800 airplane crossing the vast, imbecilic American continent on my way from one coast to the other, because my fucking day job demands it.

My traveling conditions aren’t ideal. The tight-sphinctered woman sitting next to me is grumpy. I am nearly deaf, and even though I have the volume turned down, noisy metal is apparently still leaking from my earbuds and polluting her personal space. Fuck her, I can handle the acidic looks, because I’m doing this for you.

The man across the aisle from me has been using a nasal inhaler, and I don’t think he has a cold. His pupils are now the size of pin pricks. I know this because he is staring at me. Fuck him, too, if he doesn’t try to fuck me first.

Worst of all, I haven’t started drinking yet . . . but I intend to make up for lost time as soon as I click the “Publish” button on my blog software.

Here’s what I found this morning that I thought worth sharing: A band from Australia named Ocean of Zero, a band from Germany named Black Shape of Nexus, and a band from parts unknown named Crator (whose creepy artwork is up above and whose membership is very intriguing). All of these bands are new to me. Continue reading »