Dec 022020


Twixt Zero and Infinity, the debut EP by the unorthodox UK black metal band Crown of Ascension, is an unusual, and unusual arresting, cornucopia of sounds and strategies. Its intrigue derives in part from the ingenious use of cello and piano, but also from the amalgamation of those distinctive ranging tones with jaw-dropping percussive tumult, droning guitar, gossamer cosmic ambience, and terrorizing vocal extremity. And thus the songs hint at the elegance and grandeur of chamber music, but within frameworks of shattering chaos, dreadful suffering, and eerie, luminous brilliance.

Crown of Ascension is a new project, but its mastermind is not a newcomer. It’s the work of Alexander White of Vessel of Iniquity and Uncertainty Principle. The EP will be released on December 4th by Xenoglossy Productions in a limited tape edition, as well as digitally, and we’re excited to premiere a full stream today. Our guess is that it’s not quite like anything you’ve heard this year. Continue reading »