Mar 222023


(Yesterday we presented Chapter I of a “bizarre playlist” compiled by Axel Stormbreaker, and there was more to come… which comes now…)

And now we’re back to our exciting installment(s) after this short, commercial break. This sneaky lil’ bugger just had to rearrange playlists in two parts for them being too fucking long.

I think my neighbors may have ordered about a dozen rocket launchers by now. Next thing I know I’ll be finding an armored tank waiting for me at my porch. It’s best I start with the artsy stuff for a change before moving on to obscure ballsy metal. Continue reading »

Sep 122022


(Distance is only fictional for Trhä and their notorious opus vat gëlénva!!! Here is an in-depth review by Axel Stormbreaker.)

History confirms that the more network connections spread exponentially, the more its considerate users obtained the opportunity to study, comprehend and optimize vital elements of distinct cultures. While it’s accurate how most will now use it as an outlet for toxic negativity, there was indeed a time when it stood more as a useful tool, not long before the eventual “upgrading” of social media platforms. Of course, the way I navigate my focus nowadays, there are moments I can’t distinguish most of what is projected from the inner contents of a garbage can. It feels nearly inconceivable how its current pile of disposable data has so far assisted our societies on their very structural level.

That being said, art belongs among those aspects that managed to benefit more than any could hope for. After all, this is how I was granted my own chance to explore the further depths of Japanese extreme metal. I believe my first impressions were initially made, nearly a lifetime ago, by Loudness‘ “Heavy Chains” from Thunder In The East. It was then, when that classic Manowar-based riff stormed in, with that weird accent shrieking on top, that blew my brains to pieces. From that point onwards, Sigh came along, of course; then Gargoyle, Greenmachine, and Hurusoma. And a few years later, Arkha Sva and Magane followed, along with obscurities in the likes of Manierisme, Yvonxhe, and Albiorix Requiem. Continue reading »

May 022021


Part 1 of today’s column is in the vein of the giant round-up I prepared yesterday — a lot of music and not a lot of words. Though the music is of course “in the vein” of black metal, or at least in spiritual/aesthetic kinship with it (according to my own perceptions), you won’t find any two bands here that sound like they were raised in the same litter.

Part 2, which may appear later today or may appear tomorrow (because I haven’t written it yet), is devoted to four songs from a forthcoming (and long-awaited) four-way split, and a frightening album I meant to include in this column last week before I ran out of time.

ANAPILIN (Lithuania)

Rennie (of starkweather) pointed me to the song and lyric video I’ve chosen to lead with. At that time, it was apparent that an album by these gas-masked Lithuanians was on the way, but neither of us could find a name for it or a release date.

Those mysteries were solved this morning when the album just dropped out of the sky, fully formed. But by the time I awakened and saw Rennie’s message about the full release, I didn’t have time enough to listen to it, so I’m sticking with the original plan of focusing just on the one song and video — but including the full stream as well. Continue reading »