Oct 222021

We’ve had the thrill of premiering the music of Cleveland’s Curse of Denial on previous occasions, helping to spread the word about the band’s 2017 debut album The 13th Sign (which included appearances from underground Cleveland mainstays such as Nunslaughter, Embalmer, Decrepit, From the Depths, Ringworm, and Keelhaul) as well as their 2019 full-length follow-up, Coming For Your Soul. And thus we jumped at the chance to do it again today.

This time the music comes from a new EP named The Reckoning, which is set for a November 12 release by Redefining Darkness Records.

If this happens to be your first encounter with Curse of Denial, its line-up is made from veteran talent consisting of powerhouse vocalist Rob Molzan (ex-Decrepit and From the Depths), plus three musicians who shared time in the instrumental metal band Pawns In Chess, two of whom were also members of Descend — bassist Michael Perez, drummer Shawn Hapney, and guitarist Jeremy McLellon. Continue reading »

Jul 032019


In deciding how to introduce their new album, Coming For Your Soul, Cleveland’s Curse of Denial and their label Redefining Darkness Records made a brilliant choice for a first single in advance of the album’s July 26 release. “To Carry My Sins” proves to be a wonderfully dynamic song. Over the span of its changing course it’s physically jolting, explosively powerful, emotionally cathartic, technically impressive, and melodically mesmerizing. If you’re looking for full-throttle annihilation, you’ll get that, and if you want your head pulled back to the skies by sensations of bleak heavy-metal grandeur, you’ll get that too.

It really is a hell of a song, one that not only makes an electrifying first impression but also has staying power. What more could you ask for in setting the hook for the album as a whole?

Well, how about all those eye-balls emanating from that creepy soul-sucker on the album cover? That’s a pretty good lure too, isn’t it? Continue reading »

Mar 022017


In mid-January we brought you the premiere of a video for “Tower of Silence”, one of the tracks on The 13th Sign, which is the debut album by Cleveland’s Curse of Denial. Now we bring you another video for another powerful track from the record — “Pawns in Chess“.

The 13th Sign was released on February 3 by Redefining Darkness Records, and the video for “Pawns in Chess” is a reminder of what a viscerally powerful album it is. And like the video for “Tower of Silence”, this new one is a fitting visual match for the music — which pulls no punches. Continue reading »

Jan 172017


Cleveland’s Curse of Denial are a new band, but this isn’t the first rodeo for the people in the band. The line-up includes former members of Descend (whose roots go back to the ’90s) as well as vocalist Rob Molzan (also a member of From the Depths, whose tenure with Decrepit goes back to that same decade). Their debut album The 13th Sign reflects all that experience, and includes a slew of notable guest appearances that bring even more veteran seasoning to the carnage of this battleground. The album will be released on February 3 by Redefining Darkness Records, and today we have an excerpt to whet your appetite — an unusual lyric video for “The Tower of Silence“.

Apart from the sure-handedness that comes from experience, one other thing will become evident as soon as you hear this new song: The music isn’t easily pigeonholed, instead reflecting a range of extreme metal influences that have been combined in electrifying fashion. Continue reading »