Jul 072021


(Vonlughlio returns to NCS with a review and recommendation of the second album by the New Jersey brutal death metal band Dead and Dripping, which was released in mid-May of this year.)

It’s been a long time without yours truly doing a small review, mainly due to work commitments and family time in this pandemic-infested world. If you are reading this, I hope you and your loved ones are well.

This time around I have the opportunity to write about the solo BDM project Dead and Dripping from the multi-instrumentalist Evan Daniele. I became aware of this project back in 2017 when they re-released their demo Disillusioned by Excessive Human Consumption, which I believe is back in the Dominican Republic with other CDs I could not take with me when I moved to US.

Last year saw the release of the debut album Profane Verses of Murderous Rhetoric, which we reviewed here at NCS, and that release made it to my list of top 2020 BDM albums. Continue reading »

Nov 102020


(This is Vonlughlio’s review of the new album by the New Jersey death metal band Dead and Dripping, which was released last month.)

I just love the feeling when discovering a new band that captivates you from the first note and hooks you in for the rest of your existence. That was the case for the one-man project Dead and Dripping,  born in 2016 in  New Jersey, USA.

They released a demo that same year entitled Disillusioned by Excessive Human Consumption, a 22-minute effort that reminded me of the late ’90s and early 2000s golden age of BDM. I discovered the band a year after its inception and got a re-press of that demo, and after all this time I have the same positive reaction as when I heard it the first time. It is aging very well, to say the least. Continue reading »