Jan 082022


I had grandiose ambitions for this Saturday round-up, but remembered at the last minute that I had to join a Zoom meeting this morning for the job that pays the bills around here. After that ended I didn’t have time to pull together any more music than what you’ll find here from a quartet of bands. But these four have enough high-energy intensity to keep your heart-rate elevated from start to finish (and probably for a while afterward too).


The whining sounds of this first song swells over turbulent drumming and throbbing bass notes, and then swirls like wind-driven flames. Fiery vocals join the fray as the riffing generates a sound that’s both tormented and glorious. The incendiary intensity of the music subsides, and it becomes more mysterious and hypnotic, and then it roils again, with a feeling that’s beleaguered and desperate, as the vocals become even more shattering in their tortured extremity. The lead guitar whirls once more in a mad dance as the sound fades away…. Continue reading »

Sep 142016



On September 26, Invictus Productions will uncage Beasts of Faith, the debut album by the Swiss band Deathcult. One of these beasts has already been pulled into the spotlight from the shadows by DECIBEL magazine, and today we do the same for a second one — a song called “Death In July”.

For discerning listeners, Deathcult’s first demo in 2012 made quite a strong impact and their 2014 EP Pleading for Death . . . Choking on Life only confirmed that Deathcult were a distinctive cult worth watching. In those earlier years the band’s profile no doubt benefitted from the presence in the line-up of vocalist/guitarist O. Ketzer of Bölzer, but Beasts of Faith proves that Deathcult’s talents run deep and remain strong without him on this new album. Continue reading »

Jun 062016



(We welcome you to the glorious 14th part of our Norwegian comrade Gorger’s highlighting of releases we haven’t previously reviewed.  To find more of his discoveries, visit Gorger’s Metal.)

I’ve got a few shorter releases to share with you today. I’m calling it an EP special, but for good measure, I’m tossing in a split and a graphic novel(!) too. I’ve also shortened down my ramblings to leave you sore-eared rather than sore-eyed. Enjoy. Continue reading »

Apr 202014

Here are a few new things that have been wrecking my ears over the last 24 hours.


Yesterday I posted (here) a new song by the Swiss band Bölzer, and today I begin this round-up with music from another Swiss band. This one is named Deathcult and it happens to include one of the members of Bölzer (guitarist/vocalist KzR, who also now seems to be the vocalist in Witchrist).

Deathcult released a four-song demo in 2012 that I haven’t yet heard, though it’s available on Bandcamp, and earlier this year Me Saco Un Ojo Records released a new vinyl EP entitled Pleading for Death… Choking on Life (copies are still available there and elsewhere). Continue reading »