Nov 162021


“Hell is in man, hell is man.” That could be considered a summing up of the debut album Allégeance by the French black metal band Diablation, and further, these commandments: “Reject your God, Erase your vows, Embrace the ineffable, Accept the Devil”.

Drawing upon the worship of the Devil as their essence, Diablation have created music that is an enthralling descent into darkness, a rendition of fealty and frenzy, of torment and pain, of unearthly splendor and diabolical peril.

As a riveting sign of their achievements, today we present the third track from Allégeance that has been disclosed so far in the path toward the album’s December 6 release by the distinctive French label Antiq. Its name is “Des Ruines de la Solitude Éternelle“. Continue reading »

Sep 122021

After completing the humongous two-part roundup of new songs and videos that I posted earlier today I nearly gave up on the idea of making this regular Sunday column. Just not much gas left in the tank, and the first Seahawks football game of the season is already under way. But I know some people come here on Sundays for this column, and I don’t want to completely disappoint.

So, I did here what I did with those previous roundups — skimping on the artwork and links, and abbreviating my own commentary, in the hope that mainly tossing out the music is better than nothing at all. And so, with apologies to the bands and to people who actually enjoy the usual format, here we go… presented alphabetically by band name.


This first song is a frightening yet entrancing one. It reveals eerie, preternatural keyboards that seem to ring from fracturing heavens, and combines those with viscerally powerful rhythms, terrorizing vocal battalions, and racing storms of searing riffage and rampantly hurtling bass and drums. The effect is nightmarish yet intoxicating, menacingly magisterial and marauding. Continue reading »