Oct 132015



The Hierarch is the fourth album by the French black metal band Hegemon and their first full-length in seven years. My comrade Leperkahn wrote about the first advance track from the album (here) in September, and today we bring you the premiere of a second one: “Credo Quia Absurdum“.

There is much about the song that summons images of a wolf pack tearing into its prey, with teeth flashing, blood spraying, and massed snarls splitting the air in a hair-raising frenzy. It’s pure black metal savagery, replete with thundering drums and slashing riffs. But as good as Hegemon are at delivering sonic barbarism, that’s only part of the exotic and esoteric adventure in this song. Continue reading »

Sep 112015

Black Breath-Slaves Beyond Death


(Leperkahn steps forward to shoulder round-up duty — and there have been so many noteworthy new songs over the last few days that he’s stepping forward with a three-part post, to which Austin Weber and your humble editor will also be adding a fourth and maybe a fifth before we’re done today.)

I’ve been meaning to get an album review out at some point (don’t have anything written currently, though I will say that you should go and preorder Horrendous’s upcoming album Anareta immediately if you know what’s good for you), but in the meantime an ungodly amount of new tidbits turned up on the web in the last couple days.

Considering that Islander is slaving away in Anchorage for however long his reptilian overlords command him to, I figure I’d take another stab at covering a few of them – and by a few, I mean fifteen. For your sanity (and perhaps mine, though that might be a lost cause), I’ve divided it up into three posts. We’ll go alphabetically, since there’s way too much stuff for me to want to find any other type of pattern. Continue reading »