Dec 072020


On December 15th of this waning year the Mexican label Iron Blood & Death Corp. will release the third album of the Russian “ancient death metal band” Dig Me No Grave. Entitled Under The Pyramids, it’s a 10-track onslaught whose song lengths are mainly in the three-to-four-minute range, and represents the work of the band’s new line-up of vocalist Alexey Rumyantsev, guitarist Nikita Smirnov, guitarist/bassist Ivan Mishin, and drummer Anatoly Schenikov (with appearances on some tracks by bassist Vlad Kotov and drummer Roman Galinov).

Today we present the new album’s fourth track, “Mortuus Templaris“, and if your ass happens to be dragging today, it will fix that problem quickly by providing a swift jolt of high-octane fuel for your nervous system. Continue reading »

May 252017


The members of Dig Me No Grave were all born and live in Vologda, Russia. Their debut album Cosmic Cult was released in 2014, and that was followed by several shorter releases. Their new album Immemorial Curse is set for a joint release on June 15th by Satanath Records (Russia), Sevared Records (U.S.), and Wings of Destruction (also Russia).

Two songs from the album have been released for listening so far, both of which we’ve written about previously, and now we bring you the premiere of a third one — which bears the band’s name: “Dig Me No Grave“. Continue reading »

May 162017


Due in part to yet another mini-vacation this past weekend, an entire week has passed since the last time I was able to compile a round-up of new songs and videos, though my comrade DGR helped fill that gap with a compilation of notable death metal yesterday. As a consequence of so many days passing, I have a massive list of new things I’d like to recommend.

Confronted with such a daunting task, I just gave in to impulse, which is par for the course. And today’s impulse was to focus only on some of new music I heard for the first time today — which means that massive list is no shorter than it was before I started writing this post. With luck, I’ll have time during the balance of this week to do some picking and choosing from it for another edition of SEEN AND HEARD.


As previously reported here, the Swedish black metal band Svartsyn have a new album named In Death that’s scheduled for release by Agonia Records on June 9th. The first single, which I wrote about in that earlier post, was a stunner named “Seven Headed Snake“, and this morning brought a second track — “Black Thrones of Death“. It’s left me even more excited about this new album. Continue reading »