Dec 132018


(DGR continues a week-long effort to catch up on reviews before immersing himself in year-end LISTMANIA, with two more write-ups today. Additional installments of this collection will be added throughout what’s left of this week.)


Dysmorphic – An Illusive Progress

It honestly looked a little shaky for French tech-death band Dysmorphic. Some may remember way back in ye olden days of 2013 I actually reviewed the group’s first release via Unique Leader, A Notion of Causality, at this here very web site. In the five years since, the band have gone through periods of relative radio silence and some serious lineup changes, with a new drummer and guitarist, and also including the return of a vocalist who had left the band prior to that first release.

Late November would finally see the realization of all that effort, when five years after A Notion Of Causality, Dysmorphic were able to put out their sophomore followup in the form of An Illusive Progress, a more focused, vicious, and blue-and-green-hued album than their previous release and one that sees them bringing themselves very much in-line with many of their fellow tech-death compatriots with ten tracks of head-spinning tech-death…and one intro. Continue reading »

Sep 222013

(DGR reviews the debut album by French metal band Dysmorphic, out now on the Unique Leader label. Click that stunning album cover by Stan-W Decker to see a bigger version.)

Unique Leader has become the quintessential modern tech-death label at the moment. It’s likely an easy thing to do when you’re composed of members of Deeds Of Flesh, but the label has really been good for picking out the technically heavy, crushing style that seems to have really gained popularity over the past few years. While they’ve stuck to the States with a lot of their recent signings, they have reached across the whole country and the Atlantic Ocean as well in order to pluck out a young band by the name of Dysmorphic, a group that had existed under the name Necrocism for about a year before taking on the mantle of Dysmorphic in 2009.

Prior to their recent September release of A Notion Of Causality, the group had only released one song and a self-titled EP. Claiming to have heavy influences in the Suffocation and Decrepit Birth range must have made a hell of an impression because here the band now stand, Unique Leader signees and with the aforementioned A Notion Of Causality unleashed for the world to hear.

The disc contains some older material from the group’s EP but otherwise comprises new stuff. It’s made up of worming riffs, otherworldly melodies, unrelenting brutality, and angular time signatures, all buttressed by a heavy dosage of blasts and high roars; their lyrics and themes also have a strong philosophical bent. They’re part of the current tech-death wave that is sweeping the metal scene, but does A Notion Of Causality do a good job making the band stick out from everyone else? Continue reading »