Oct 122014

After a two-week hiatus from listening to new songs, watching new videos, and preparing these round-ups, I’m easing back into the gig. I didn’t finish as many reviews during the hiatus as I had hoped, and so I still won’t prepare these round-ups as frequently as before, until I make more headway on some reviews I desperately want to finish. With luck, Leperkahn will continue to pitch in as he did during my break. Speaking of which, how about a big round of applause for Leperkahn?

The good new metal continues to come in a flood: The following offerings are all new things I saw and heard just over the last 24 hours. The bands are presented in alphabetical order. The music is all over the map, both stylistically and geographically.


Iron Bonehead Productions has announced plans to release a new 7″ EP by Houston’s Blaspherian by the end of November. Its name is Upon the Throne… Of Eternal Blasphemous Death. The last time I wrote about Blaspherian (here) was more than three years ago, just before the release of their debut album. The fantastic cover art for the album had caught my eye, and the art for this new EP is certainly eye-catching, too. Continue reading »

Apr 152013

There’s so much to like about Eastfrisian Terror’s debut EP, Lever dood as Slav, that I decided to make a list of the good things:

1.  Eastfrisia! Now there’s a name . . .

2.  Sounds grimy as fuck.

3.  Grinding, uber-distorted guitar tone.

4.  Skull-smashing groove.

5.  Old-school, maggoty death metal + brutal slamming death metal + death/grind mayhem = sweetness

6.  Eastfrisia! Continue reading »