Feb 262016

Embalmer-Emanations From the Crypt


There are two ways you can think about Cleveland’s Embalmer. You can think of them as a death metal band who started in 1989 and made a name for themselves with demos like Into the Oven, Taxidermist, and Rotting Remains, and a 1995 EP entitled There Was Blood Everywhere — and then went on hiatus for nearly a decade, returning in 2006 with an album named 13 Faces of Death that even the band weren’t crazy about.

Or you can forget all that history and just think of Embalmer as a band with an album named Emanations From the Crypt coming out on April 1 that will tear your fucking head off. Continue reading »

Jan 252016

Acerus-The Clock of Mortality


I’m making an effort to catch you up on all the new music I discovered last week that I’d like to recommend. I was able to post one round-up on Saturday but couldn’t get one finished for yesterday, so the plan is to post two today, this being the first installment.


In a recent edition of our weekly Rearview Mirror series I featured some music from the long-running death metal band The Chasm, a group that came together in Mexico City and now makes their home in Chicago. I mentioned in that feature that The Chasm’s main man Daniel Corchado has a side project called Acerus, and Acerus released a new full-length on January 15 entitled The Clock of Mortality. If you know anything about The Chasm, I doubt I have to sell you on this new Acerus release. But in case this is all new to you, I’ll say this: Continue reading »