Feb 162021


With seditious pleasure we announce that the UK-based avant-garde extreme metal project Feed Them Death will release a new album through Brucia Records on the 7th of May, 2021. The record’s name is Negative, it consists of ten songs (two of which are bonus tracks for a vinyl edition), and we’re premiering a lyric video for one of the new songs today, along with a statement about the album by FTD’s mastermind Void.

If you’re only now discovering Feed Them Death you have some catching up to do. As the solo project of Void the project began in 2017 and has already generated two EPs (the most recent of which was last year’s For Our Culpable Dead) and a pair of full-lengths (2018’s No Solution / Dissolution, released by GrimmDistribution and Exalted Woe Records, and 2020’s Panopticism: Belong / Be Lost, released by I, Voidhanger Records). This new album thus adds to a body of work that has grown rapidly and ambitiously. Continue reading »

Oct 212020


Those of you who are already familiar with the music of Feed Them Death will have a good idea of the sheer madness that will invade your mind when you listen to FTD’s new EP, For Our Culpable Dead, which is set for release by Brucia Records on November 2nd. Newcomers, however, should prepare for sonic shock and awe, the kind of ingenious yet unsettling experience that amalgamates bone-smashing violence, mind-boggling delirium, more twists and turns than an out-of-control roller-coaster ride, and an extreme disregard for mental or emotional comfort zones.

Feed Them Death‘s avant-garde formulations of death/grind have been boldly revealed through a 2017 EP that was then expanded into the debut album No Solution / Dissolution, released in 2018 by GrimmDistribution and Exalted Woe Records, and a second album released earlier this year by I, Voidhanger Records, Panopticism: Belong / Be Lost. Apparently ever restless, FTD’s soul creator Void could not let this year expire without one more brazen explosion of mind-mutilating inventiveness, and we present a further excerpt from the new EP today. Continue reading »

Oct 312018


Every year on this day both print journalists and scribes across the internet remind us about, or perhaps discover for the first time, the pagan roots of Halloween. This year is no different, though this particular piece today in The Washington Post is better than most. It recounts Christianity’s co-opting of Samhain and other ancient feast days, and then the gradual capitalistic morphing of such events into the entertainment of doorbell-ringing and sexy avocado costumes. But it goes further, and uses Halloween as an example of modern disengagement from imminent mortality (at least in the U.S.).

“Halloween is supposed to be about death,” the authors write. “Part of the power of these rituals is to make death into a known quantity, something to be accepted, even embraced, rather than feared,” but modern death “has been sanitized and sequestered away from the world of the living”, and our ignorance of death “breeds fear, uncertainty and avoidance”.

And with those thoughts in mind, it seemed fitting on this particular Samhain day that we would be able to premiere a song by a band named Feed Them Death, who shy away from nothing but revel in crushing and slashing the life from their listeners in a “Bloodshed Theatre“. Continue reading »