Jun 162020


(We present Vonlughlio’s review of the new sophomore album by the UK’s Foetal Juice, which features cover art by Roberto Toderico. It was released by Gore House Productions on June 12th.)

I believe I have mentioned before that feeling you get when you discover (or were recommended) a band whose music leaves you amazed, and wondering to yourself why you weren’t able to hear about them before.

That’s what happened in the case of Foetal Juice, based in the United Kingdom, who just released their sophomore effort Gluttony through Gore House Productions. I found out about the project when the label was promoting one of the singles for this release, which left a favorable impression on yours truly. Continue reading »

Mar 252020


Derek Carley fuckin’ practices what he preaches! In this video for a song called “Gluttony” he stuffs his gullet with kebabs while howling like a rabid demon at his rabid audience — and then self-eviscerates, spewing gore across all the greedy faces and then feeding their ravenous hungers with his own intestines. Deeeelicious!

It’s a hilariously grotesque film, with a little surprise at the end which proves that gluttony survives even death. And speaking of death, the song itself is a berserker blast of electrifying death-grind, vicious and wild and… eviscerating. Continue reading »