Jun 142021


The song we’re presenting today from the debut album by the Danish duo Funeral Chasm is a formulation of funeral doom that seems to occupy a dream state between life and death. Haunting, harrowing, and beautiful, the multi-faceted track fashions both an experience of ghostly elegance and grandeur — and one of torment, turmoil, and ravaging upheaval.

At least lyrically, “Mesmerising Clarity” was based upon a pair of mushroom trips by the band’s Danny Woe, one so disturbing that he terminated the trip and a second that reached a point of completion and became therapeutic. Whether intended or not, the music seems to trace such an experience as well, though (as suggested above) the music is capable of generating other visions in the listener’s imagination, and of making other emotional connections. Continue reading »

May 262021



Hopefully you know the drill with these “Overflowing Streams” round-ups of new songs and videos: A ton of music, fewer words than usual from me, and (to save some time) minus the usual artwork and some of the links. Apart from enjoying the process of picking the selections, I also do try to have fun arranging the songs in these things, and there’s a bit of a curveball at the end.


Back after five years, these Icelanders are bringing forth only their third release in a decade, a debut album named Vítahringur. It comes out via Dark Descent on July 2nd. To pave the way, “Í köldum faðmi” was revealed yesterday. Continue reading »