Nov 162022

(Not long ago we had the thrill of premiering a song from the forthcoming second album by the fungal death metal band Mycelium, and now we have more delights to present through an extremely entertaining interview by Comrade Aleks of the man behind the mushrooms, Greg Edwards.)

And here we have a fantastic death metal project from Glasgow with lyrics telling stories of mushrooms and unspeakable horrors! Greg Edwards ran the black metal one-man band Necronoclast for ten years from 2003 to 2013 but then he had to take a pause and rethink his priorities. As result, Mycelium was born!

Greg started it in 2020 and the first album Scream Bloody Spore was released already in 2021, and now one more year has passed and one more album was recorded! Mycoticism: Disseminating the Propagules is to be revealed to the extreme metal underground on the 25th of November through the Swedish label Blood Harvest. And I hope this interview will pique your interest towards Mycelium and the magic world of deathly dangerous mushrooms. Continue reading »

Oct 252022

The first time we heard the music of Mycelium, 17 months ago, we were inspired to introduce the music this way:

Mycelium is a Scottish solo death metal band dedicated to mycology, the study of fungi. There are many death metal bands whose members seem to be breeding grounds for fungi, but very few who have made the lifeform the subject of their music, and thus Mycelium’s dedication deserves a round of applause, don’t you think?

The cleverly titled album, Scream Bloody Spore, is out at the end of June on Coyote Records and is described as ‘a raging journey through a hidden world of decay, parasites and deadly toxic organisms’ — which pretty much sums up the global death metal scene, don’t you think?

So yes, we had some fun with Mycelium‘s thematic focus and clever word-play, but the music on that debut album was damned good too. Mycelium‘s alter ego Greg Edwards must have had some fun making it too, because he’s already back with another Mycelium album, which is due for release on November 25th via Blood Harvest Records. The name of this sophomore full-length is Mycoticism (Disseminating the Propagules). What, you may ask, is a “propagule”? Continue reading »

May 262021



Hopefully you know the drill with these “Overflowing Streams” round-ups of new songs and videos: A ton of music, fewer words than usual from me, and (to save some time) minus the usual artwork and some of the links. Apart from enjoying the process of picking the selections, I also do try to have fun arranging the songs in these things, and there’s a bit of a curveball at the end.


Back after five years, these Icelanders are bringing forth only their third release in a decade, a debut album named Vítahringur. It comes out via Dark Descent on July 2nd. To pave the way, “Í köldum faðmi” was revealed yesterday. Continue reading »