Jun 082018


Persistent followers of our putrid site will recognize the name Death Portal Studio, as we’ve written multiple times about music from this Colorado label’s releases, which range from black and death metal to ambient and noise. To help spread the word about Death Portal and to expose more listeners to the spectrum of sounds represented by its array of releases, today we’re presenting the premiere of a new Death Portal sampler, which is now available for digital download with a “name your own price” option.

The sampler, prepared with the assistance of Hidden Hand Extreme Music Marketing, consists of 11 diverse, globe-spanning tracks from Gôr Mörgûl, Satarial, Hak-ed Damm, Sar Isatum, Chaoscraft, Sarcophagus, Sereignos, Zardens, Thrymheym, Striborg, and Aetranok. Continue reading »

Nov 072017


Hak-Ed Damm is a black metal strike force founded in Quebec City, Canada, in 2007 with the idea of creating a hate-filled “musical war machine concept”. For their name, they chose Hebrew words that signify “field of blood”, and also a place in Jerusalem associated with Judas Iscariot.

Since their formation, the band have released a 2010 debut album (Nekrowristfucked) and a series of splits from 2011-2013. And on November 26th, in conspiracy with Satanath Records (Russia) and Death Portal Studio (U.S.), the band will release their second album, Holocaust Over Dresden. Today we bring you today the premiere of the album’s closing track, “Jade with the Deflowered Scalp“. Continue reading »