May 042020


Today we are presenting two tracks from a split, one by each band. They create a fascinating complement to each other. Both are mysterious, barely tethered to our material plane. Both of them are capable of provoking wonder, and both create trance-like reactions. But one is enlivened by a kind of eerie brightness, while the other is the stuff of nightmares.

That’s only one person’s impression, and you may take other sensations away from hearing them. But what’s undeniable is that both tracks nourish the imagination. The resulting visions will be highly personal to the listener, and maybe not even intersecting with the visions of the creators, but both are triggers for waking dreams.

The name of the split, almost 80 minutes in length, is Prisoners of the Solar System, and the participants are both one-person projects, Satanath from Russia and Striborg from Australia. All the songs are new. It will be released jointly by GrimmDistribution and Death Portal Studio on the 31st of May. Continue reading »

Oct 222018


Hallucinogens alter perceptions, thoughts, and moods by interfering with normal brain chemistry interactions, creating sensations and visions that may seem real though they are not — or perhaps instead revealing aspects of true reality that are hidden by the illusions of daily life. But the ingestion of hallucinogenic drugs and plant extracts isn’t the only way to become disconnected from your body and from what passes for reality, and to become more susceptible to visions. You could, for example, just listen to the music of Abigorum.

Abigorum is the name of a project from Saint Petersburg, Russia, that produces alchemical reactions using ingredients drawn from ambient music, black metal, and doom. It’s the creation of Aleksey Korolyov, who is also the label boss of Satanath Records and the founder of the ambient formation Satanath. Abigorum’s newest output, which is set for release on November 6th, is a split named Spectral Shadows with the long-running Australian project Striborg, whose music has evolved over time and now merits the label “blackwave”. From that split we present the premiere of “The Darkness of Aeon“. Continue reading »

Jun 082018


Persistent followers of our putrid site will recognize the name Death Portal Studio, as we’ve written multiple times about music from this Colorado label’s releases, which range from black and death metal to ambient and noise. To help spread the word about Death Portal and to expose more listeners to the spectrum of sounds represented by its array of releases, today we’re presenting the premiere of a new Death Portal sampler, which is now available for digital download with a “name your own price” option.

The sampler, prepared with the assistance of Hidden Hand Extreme Music Marketing, consists of 11 diverse, globe-spanning tracks from Gôr Mörgûl, Satarial, Hak-ed Damm, Sar Isatum, Chaoscraft, Sarcophagus, Sereignos, Zardens, Thrymheym, Striborg, and Aetranok. Continue reading »

Apr 062018


Yesterday we spread the news that on April 21st of this year Satanath Records (Russia) and Death Portal Studio (U.S.) will release a new, remastered edition of Spiritual Catharsis, the 2004 album by the Tasmanian black metal/ambient project Striborg. But that’s not the only Striborg album that these labels are re-issuing.

On April 22nd, Satanath and Death Portal will also be releasing a special edition of Striborg’s Mysterious Semblance. That album was also first released in 2004, on tape by Total Holocaust Records, and a CD version with bonus tracks was presented the following year by Finsternis Productions. This new release has again been remastered and features new artwork, and today we’re premiering a song from it named “Mysterious Semblance Of Spectral Trees“. Continue reading »

Apr 052018


The prolific Tasmanian black metal / ambient project Striborg was founded by its sole creator Sin Nanna in 1993 under the name Kathaaria, with the name Striborg chosen in 1997. Over the course of this long career, Striborg has released two-dozen albums and other shorter releases, but the 2004 full-length Spiritual Catharsis (originally recorded on an analogue 4-track) seems to have acquired a special place in the hearts of Striborg fans. Originally released by Finsternis Productions, it was re-issued in 2007 by Displeased Records, and on April 21st of this year it will be re-issued again by Satanath Records (Russia) and Death Portal Studio (U.S.).

For this new edition, the music was remastered by Digivision Records, and given new artwork by Ismaelta & Phaedra. Today we present the debut of the remastered version of the album’s title track, “Spiritual Catharsis“. Continue reading »

Mar 052017


I’ve divided this Sunday’s collection of music in a black vein into two groups. In Part 1 I’ve collected recent releases, all of which are full albums. In Part 2, which I probably won’t finish and post until tomorrow morning, I’ve gathered advance tracks from forthcoming releases.

I’ve also taken a different approach to the albums included in this post. Instead of trying to sum up each one, I’ve picked one song from each album to write about, and then provided a full stream of the entire album for you to explore further.


I learned about this first album from my Sacramento-based NCS comrade DGR. Chronaexus is a trio from his stomping grounds, and two of the three — guitarist/vocalist Nick Liuzzi and bassist Bret Tardiff — are also members of the excellent funeral doom band Lycus and the black metal band Minenwerfer, while Liuzzi and drummer Pete Chavez are also participants in the brutal death metal band Slaughterbox. Continue reading »