Dec 272022

(For our last interview of 2022 we present Comrade Aleks‘ discussion with vocalist/guitarist Vadim from the Toronto-based death metal band Hussar, whose powerful debut album was released a few months ago by I, Voidhanger Records.)

This time I pecked at the band’s name and their “death-doom” tag, and what do we have in the end?!

Alright, let’s start from very beginning. Let me introduce you to Hussar, a ravenous and dangerous trio from Toronto. The band was started in 2018 and its current lineup is Vadim Balanyuk (vocals, guitars), Nathaniel Reynolds-Welsh (drums) and J. T. (bass). It seems that the guys tend to keep their identities anonymous, but Metal-Archives knows!

This year having a demo, a live album, and the EP No Victor (2019) in their discography, Hussar struck back with the first full-length album, All-Consuming Hunger. The aggression and progressive constructions of this technical death metal with  minor death-doom elements represent the album’s title precisely, but there’s always more to learn and we’re here to dig out more about Hussar and its background. Continue reading »

Sep 232022

For the third day in a row we’re helping spread the word about a new album whose release is fast approaching from the wonderful I, Voidhanger Records. We’ve previously had the pleasure of putting our spotlight on new albums by Acausal Intrusion (U.S.) and Voak (Greece), and today we’re fixated on All-Consuming Hunger, the bombshell debut album by Toronto’s Hussar. I, Voidhanger introduces it this way:

“The effect on the listener’s eardrums is that of a tank that proceeds inexorably breaking through everything it encounters. The metaphor is not out of place, given that in All-Consuming Hunger HUSSAR tell stories of war, denouncing its inhumanity and horrors, the sacrifice of soldiers sent for slaughter by their superiors, the paranoia of the troops in the trenches, the frustration of the war widows, the disfigured faces of those who found themselves too close to an exploding mine…”

With that prelude you’ll already have an insight into the subject matter of the song we’re presenting today — “Dissonant Weeping Of A Thousand Widows“. Continue reading »

Sep 052022

In our never-ending mission to drown people in heavy music we have another roundup to start the new week. We’re doing this even though today is a national holiday here in the U.S., and the culmination of a 3-day holiday weekend. Canada also celebrates the same holiday today, the first Monday in September. Much of the rest of the world observes a similar celebration, but does it on May 1st.

The holiday is generically in honor of “workers”, but really began as a celebration of the labor movement (or “labour”, as they spell it in Canada). “Union” has become something of a dirty word in the U.S. over the last 40 years (in that time the percentage of American workers who belong to a union has fallen by half), though labor organization seems to be experiencing at least a modest resurgence in places like Starbucks shops, Amazon warehouses, and Google’s cafeterias. More power to them.

The holiday has really become just another excuse to have a 3-day weekend of sleeping, eating, drinking, and hanging out with friends. Here in the U.S., tradition also has it that you’re not supposed to wear white after Labor Day, since it unofficially marks the end of summer. But you probably don’t wash your underwear very often anyway, so you’re good. And who wears white band shirts, I mean other than Andy Synn?

Where was I?

Oh yeah… drowning visitors in heavy music. That mission goes on, ’cause we don’t observe holidays at this clinically obsessive place (as if you couldn’t tell from the three posts that preceded this one today). Continue reading »