Mar 192014

(Our man Leperkahn reviews the new EP by San Diego’s Imbalanced., and delivers a full stream of the EP to boot.)

If you’ve followed NCS for a decent amount of time, you may remember the Imbalanced name from when I covered them in my second post for the site, a San Diego death metal/Bob Filner-themed affair. Luckily for us, the trio have returned with a new mini-slab of their blistering technical death metal for us all, in the form of a new EP entitled Assimilation Of The Enslaved, replete with the intriguing cover art of David Correa.

When describing Imbalanced’s sound to interested parties, I’ve pretty much always used Arsis as a reference point, and that point still stays. However, the grittier production of this EP (as compared to most of Arsis’ output), whether by design or necessity, has helped these guys create a different sound, a sound that is wholly and uniquely Imbalanced. Continue reading »

Sep 022013

(We take our holidays damned seriously here at NCS, so when the calendar says Labor Day, then by god we’re going to fuckin’ LABOR! — beginning with this second guest post by Leperkahn, who introduces us to three bands from San Diego: Imbalanced, Memory, and Ruinist.)

After a good first experience writing and commenting here at No Clean Singing, I’ve decided to give it a go at another post. Seeing as I am now back from Dublin – sweating bullets in sunny San Diego – I thought I might do a round-up of a few San Diego-area bands. Coincidentally, they all sway toward the death-metal end of the spectrum. And, death metal being the antithesis of the outdated morals employed by the scumbag that is Bob Filner, I figure you could use it as a soundtrack while you beat the living shite out of a punching bag with Filner’s Joker-esque smile pasted on it


I first saw Imbalanced when they opened for San Diego’s best metal export, Cattle Decapitation, earlier this year. So far they have only one EP to their name, Wet & Wreakless. Until recently, they were a two-piece of guitarist/vocalist “Dirty” Ben Cockerham and drummer “Terrible” Tim Bennett, yet my last-minute research indicated that they have added bassist “John Zombie” (evidently Rob’s long-lost cousin). Cliché stage names aside, these guys make some truly blistering technical death metal

After a brief and frankly pointless intro of various vomiting sound effects, the band get down to business with “Skin Deep” (YouTube-able below), with its breackneck pace and scathingly melodic riffs bringing about a bit of Arsis. The Arsis comparison also extends to the ferocious and blindingly fast drumming of Tim Bennett. Continue reading »