May 182022


(Last month Memento Mori released the superb third album by Inanna, their first one in 10 years. We helped spread the word through this premiere, and the occasion also prompted Comrade Aleks to get in touch with the band. Today we present that great conversation below.)

There are bands which grant not only the twisted pleasure of listening to their (extreme) music but also with a simple communication, and the Chilean outfit Inanna gave me both. Their new album Void of Unending Depths was released by Memento Mori in late April, and I’m excited with their wicked, a bit blackened, and progressive, death metal rituals.

Why rituals? Well, because the band’s lyrics deal with things extra-terrestrial, occult, and divine. There’s a sense of Lovecraftian madness here, do you feel it? And besides that, the guys are absolutely easy and interesting interlocutors, so let’s not waste our time with just my mumbling, and let’s get straight to the point. Continue reading »

Apr 072022

Almost four years ago I finally came across the Chilean band Inanna. At that time the band’s latest release was their second album, 2012’s Transfigured in a Thousand Delusions, and it absolutely blew me away (as I wrote in one of our now-moribund Miscellany columns).

I lost track of the band after that, and I suppose for good reason because the only release that followed my discovery of Inanna was a 2020 live album. But now, a decade following Transfigured…, they have completed a third full-length named Void of Unending Depths that’s set for release on April 25th by Memento Mori. It’s an album you definitely will not want to miss, because it’s one of the best that death metal has offered in the year so far — and should rank highly at year-end too. Continue reading »

Sep 012018


This MISCELLANY series is one of several that I started at NCS in the early days, but it has become moribund in recent years. In the case of this series, I posted the first edition on July 5, 2010, and the last one (No. 77) in June 2016, and the series had become very irregular even by then. So a refresher on the MISCELLANY game is probably worthwhile:

On a fairly random basis, I pick releases I’ve not heard before, usually by bands I’ve not heard before; I listen to a song or two (usually without much or any advance idea of what the music will sound like); I write my immediate impressions; and I then stream what I heard so you can make your own judgments. I should add that I have some ambitions to revive this series going forward, though I know myself too well to promise that it will happen on any kind of predictable basis.

I decided to sample the music of these three bands based solely on an e-mail we received from a Chilean metalhead whom I don’t know, recommending these three releases. All three groups are from Chile.


Of the three bands in this collection, Kizin have the most recent release, a 2018 debut album named Abstraction (released on July 17th), which includes cover art by Nox Fragor. Metal-Archives also lists three demos and a compilation in the discography of this group from Temuco going back to 2012, none of which I’ve heard. Abstraction is on Bandcamp, and on that page there’s a written prologue for the album: Continue reading »