Sep 172010

There’s a time and a place for the simple physical pleasures of life. Ideally, anytime, any place. Don’t worry, we’re not going to start listing our favorite simple physical pleasures. This ain’t that kind of blog. And to be clear, we’re not inviting you to list yours either. Let’s be really clear: please do not list your simple physical pleasures on our web site. Thank you.

We will name one of ours (just one): Listening to big old fucking bass drops. We’re so happy that we know what to call those things now (one of many things we’ve learned from our readers). Just one simple, triggered note detonating someplace in a metal song like the musical equivalent of a sonic boom.

Any band with the right gear and the right sound sample can reproduce the effect. Its only purpose is to produce a kind of mindless, visceral response. So why do we like bass drops so much? Fuck if we know. Why do we like mashed-up black-eyed peas doused in vinegar? Some things just can’t be explained.

Our latest dose of bass droppage came to us by way of Sergeant D over at MetalSucks. A couple days ago he posted a note about a Chicago band called Demolisher, proclaiming that in his opinion they might just be “the heaviest band on the face of the planet.” Exaggeration is the meat and potatoes of all metal blogs (except ours), so we took this with a heaping of salt, but we still couldn’t resist listening to the Demolisher song that Sergeant D featured in his post. It was called “Decimated”.

There’s no point in debating whether Demolisher is in fact the heaviest band on the face of the planet. It’s enough to say that they’re plenty heavy — and that the “Decimated” song is a very nice fix for bass-drop addiction here on a Friday morning.  

(more after the jump, including that song . . . and a vid from Ingested, since we’re now in the right mood, a link for a free music sampler from ARTERY RECORDINGS, and in our latest update, a song from Woe of Tyrants) Continue reading »

Jan 202010

While we wait for 2010 to really get up to fucking speed, we’re still periodically looking back at 2009. A couple weeks ago, we wrote about some UK extreme metal bands that we listened to a lot in the Old Year. But one post doesn’t do justice to the subject. The fact is that the UK death metal scene hasn’t been so bursting with putrescent life in years.

So, we’re going to continue our look back today, dip our toes into the acidic pool of brutal death metal, and express our fond regard for three more UK death-dealers: Ingested, Detrimentum, and Infected Disarray.

In our first feature on “UK Death Metal in Review,” we had to push the “death metal” envelope a little to include some extreme bands that hooked us in 2009. No need to push the envelope today. In fact, you wouldn’t want to touch this nasty envelope — it’s radioactive, with razor-sharp edges and some big fucking spikes. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »