Jun 232011

NO CLEAN SINGING is still a young tyke as metal sites go, at least in human years. We’ve only been alive since Nov. 21, 2009. In human years, we’re still pissing and shitting whenever we feel like it, smiling for no good reason, and crying when we’re hungry, which is almost all the time. In metal blog years, I guess we’re closer to a teenager. Most metal blogs seem to age quickly and then die from neglect. But it will take a fucking hydrogen bomb to kill us off, so we’re still here, in the stage of life where we’re learning how to fuck.

Where was I? Oh yeah, how long we’ve been around. Well, in the 19 months we’ve been in action, we’ve written about Detrimentum from the UK no fewer than five times, going back to January 2010. Go ahead, type “Detrimentum” in the search box on this page and see what you get. The first time we wrote about them, we were raving about their 2008 debut album, Embracing This Deformity. And then we found out there had been some line-up changes and that the new Detrimentum consisted of original members Jon Butlin (guitar and bass) and Paul Wilkinson (guitar and vox) plus drummer Steve Powell, who performs with NCS favorite Anaal Nathrakh.

Time passed, as it will. Slowly, surely, the re-cast Detrimentum worked on a new album. The day came, just weeks ago, when it was finished and ready to be unveiled to half-wit reviewers like me — like a nasty, newborn brought out to see the relatives. Except this is a newborn with fangs the size of your fingers who would try to eat all the relatives, or maybe hypnotize them and then eat them, and probably succeed. And good riddance to all of the relatives, because INHUMAN disgRACE is a triumph and Detrimentum should be allowed to eat whatever the fuck they want. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »

Apr 142011

As expected, I haven’t had the time lately to do anything in-depth for NCS (and thanks again to all our guest post-ers for bailing me out) but I still do have time to put together quick items every now and then, just to keep the new metal flowing along its molten path from our ears to yours.

My original title for this post was “A Trio For Thursday”, because I’d heard new songs from three bands over the last 24 hours that got me excited. But then, as I was finishing this up, I came across a brand new fourth one that I just had to include. Not wanting to abandon my affinity for alliteration, I tried to think of a word beginning with “T” that means four of something.Voilà! In geometry, a tetrahedron is a shape composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each vertex — like a pyramid.

So, here we go — four songs, and I can guarantee you’ll like at least one of them, or your money back. The first is yet another new track from the UK’s Xerath from their forthcoming album II. The second is another track from Malfeitor, a Swedish death metal band whose new music we’ve already featured more than once recently. The third is a song by a group of Norwegian death-thrashers called Exeloume. And last, but not least, we’ve got a new song from a UK band called Detrimentum who we’ve been pumped about for a while.

Feast your ears on the tunes after the jump. Or, more accurately, allow the music to feast on your ears. Continue reading »

Nov 092010

Only a couple weeks ago, we featured news about a new song from one of our favorite UK death metal bands, Detrimentum — which has had their ups and downs but now seems fully on track to produce their first new album (tentatively entitled Inhumanity) since 2008’s Embracing the Deformity. But already, we have more excellent news: Detrimentum has now posted a second new song, called “Pestilence Shared With Worms”.

That new song — clocking in at more than 7 minutes — is just brilliant. It’s plenty brutal, with lots of nasty, unbridled aggression, and raw, bestial vocals. Oh, but there’s much more: huge rhythmic hooks and grooves, riffing that’s technically satisfying and unpredictably morphing, bursts of melodic lead guitar and a gripping — gripping — solo, a phase of tremolo-executed sonic waves, and near the end a a few measures of what sounds like a guitar-picked waltz.

It gallops and hammers and struts and dances. It has the kind of quasi-symphonic feel I get from Fleshgod Apocalpse and Hour of Penance. It’s our kind of modern death metal.  If you follow along with us after the jump, you can hear what we mean . . . Continue reading »

Oct 212010

The last 24 hours has brought us good news from two bands we’ve written about in the past — the UK’s Detrimentum and India’s Bhayanak Maut. We like good news. We like to share good news. And this good news involves new music that will blast away all the cares cluttering your brains (and perhaps your brains, too) and leave you feeling energized and ready to spit in the eye of anyone who tries to fuck with you today. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?


Last January we ran a multi-part feature called UK DEATH METAL IN REVIEW, in which we looked back at 2009 and some of the extreme UK metal bands that we listened to a lot in the old year. One of the bands whose praises we sang was Detrimentum (see our post about them here), based on their album Embracing the Deformity. We called the music “complex, ultra-fast, technical, brutal death metal that periodically gives way to sweeping black-metal influenced melodic guitar passages and blistering solos.” We noted that the “overall tone is dark, ominous, and overpoweringly intense.”

Unfortunately, we learned not long after writing that post, via a message from one of the band’s founders, guitarist Jon Butlin, that only he and guitarist Paul Wilkinson still remained from the line-up that recorded Embracing the Deformity. On the other hand, he explained that the jaw-dropping Steve Powell of Anaal Nathrakh fame would be joining the band as its drummer, and that the group intended to finish recording an album of new songs as soon as the line-up could be sorted out. (That post is here.)  (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »

Jan 232010

Earlier this week we added a second installment of our irregular feature on UK Death Metal in Review, and one of the brutal bands we raved about was Detrimentum and their 2008 debut album, Embracing This Deformity. In response to that piece, we got the following message from one of the band’s founding members, guitarist Jon Butlin:

“Hey – thanks a lot for the great write-up! We really appreciate it! Since the album, we’ve undergone a few lineup changes, it’s only [guitarist] Paul [Wilkinson] and myself left from the ‘Embracing‘ lineup – the stresses and strains of the UK underground have taken their toll! Anyway – once we get the lineup sorted out we’re hellbent on recording a new album, hopefully this one won’t take 5 years like the previous one!

The new tracks are more diverse than previous efforts, we’ve thrown more of everything in the mix – hopefully it will be clearer-sounding than the last album, but just as heavy. Our current drummer is Steve [Powell] from Anaal Nathrakh, a man more than capable of insane dynamics, ear-shredding blasts and crushing double-bass – so watch this space! Thanks again for the support – I’ll get round to updating all the friend requests this evening hopefully!

Jon Butlin
There’s no doubt that Steve Powell is one more-than-capable drummer — in addition to playing with the awesome Anaal Nathrakh, he also handled the drum duties on another fantastic UK death metal album produced in 2008 by the band Theoktony (which we wrote about here). Butlin and Wilkinson are also extremely talented, and that threesome forms an essential foundation for what we hope will be a bright future for Detrimentum. We’re definitely looking forward to new music — with any luck, sooner rather than later!
Jan 202010

While we wait for 2010 to really get up to fucking speed, we’re still periodically looking back at 2009. A couple weeks ago, we wrote about some UK extreme metal bands that we listened to a lot in the Old Year. But one post doesn’t do justice to the subject. The fact is that the UK death metal scene hasn’t been so bursting with putrescent life in years.

So, we’re going to continue our look back today, dip our toes into the acidic pool of brutal death metal, and express our fond regard for three more UK death-dealers: Ingested, Detrimentum, and Infected Disarray.

In our first feature on “UK Death Metal in Review,” we had to push the “death metal” envelope a little to include some extreme bands that hooked us in 2009. No need to push the envelope today. In fact, you wouldn’t want to touch this nasty envelope — it’s radioactive, with razor-sharp edges and some big fucking spikes. (more after the jump . . .) Continue reading »