Feb 142023

Roughly seven years have passed since Isolant released their self-titled, album-length, debut demo. Those seven years have not been kind to the world, and (to put it mildly) Isolant aren’t in a kind-hearted mood either these days. Their new EP Drain is rightly summed up by the Sentient Ruin label as “6 lightless tracks of misery-infused, death-worshipping, and spine-breaking downtuned crush-depth, clad in enveloping atmospherics and scarred with an immanent sense of hopelessness and doom”.

For this new EP original member Max Furst (Malleus, The Watcher, ex-Morne) performed guitars, bass and drum programming, and he was joined by vocalist M. Alagna (Abstracter, Atrament, Ash Priso, Somnolent) and Spanish noisemaker M. Souto (Suspiral, Sepelio, S.E.K.H., Arkaik Excruciation, Excurse, ex-Bodybag).

What they’ve accomplished together on Drain has also been accurately summed up as a fusion of “cold and bleak industrial metal of acts like Spine Wrench, Godflesh, Scorn (Vae Solis era), and Skin Chamber with the atonal percussive grimness of early Swans, and the crawling heaviness and abysmal atmospherics of death-doom”. Continue reading »

Jan 252023

As of last night I had this round-up all ready to go. I mean, I still needed to do the writing, but I had picked a selection of music from five new releases that I thought would go really well together, and they all had fine cover art too. And then this morning I found some more just-released gems within the Niagara Falls of e-mails that crashed into our in-box overnight. What to do?

As you can tell, I decided to turn this mid-week round-up into a two-parter. Part 1 sticks with what I decided to do last night. Part 2 will include the new stuff I spotted this morning. Part 2 isn’t written yet, which means you won’t see it ’til tomorrow. Something else will probably hit our in-box overnight that will make it even longer.


We’ve had a six-year gap since this band’s debut album Soul Demise, which we premiered here and reviewed here. But at last they have a new full-length named Extirpated Light that’s headed our way on March 24th via Everlasting Spew Records. And based on the first single, it sounds like the intervening years have brought some changes in their sound, which Metal-Archives previously labeled Technical Death Metal, even though that label was missing a lot of necessary nuance. Continue reading »