Aug 252021


(Our old friend Justin C returns to NCS with the following review of the new album by the re-named Seattle band Filth Is Eternal, which will be released on August 27th by Quiet Panic.)

We’ve all been there. Grandma wants to hear some of the rock ‘n roll music the crazy kids are making these days, and Fucked and Bound is an obvious choice. Grandma needs a shot of adrenaline, not some droning doom, after all! But will the name be too off-putting? Especially after church?

Well, the band has made your life a little easier now with a new name, Filth Is Eternal. No, they haven’t changed the name in a craven attempt at Top 40 success, or probably even for Grandma. It just turns out that getting the word out about all your hard work during a pandemic, with no live shows plus social media platforms flagging you left and right for potentially being naughty content, your choice might come down to a name change or complete obscurity, as the band explained to Decibel last month. Continue reading »

May 242021


(Our old friend Justin C. has paid us a visit with this guest review of the second album by the French band Nature Morte, recently released via Source Atone Records.)

Nature Morte‘s new album, messe basse, is one that almost slipped by me. The folks over at Invisible Oranges included it on their list of notable releases, with the brief-yet-intriguing description of “Expressive, atmospheric black metal with lacerating melodies carving out their paths in your mind.” Sadly, delays pushed the Bandcamp release back a little bit, and during an already busy Bandcamp Friday (possibly the last), the album almost slipped my mind. I mean, do I really need to check out every so-called “atmospheric black metal” album?

I’m glad I followed up on this one, though. Nature Morte‘s self-chosen genre tags of blackgaze and post-metal puts this album squarely in one of my favorite areas of metal, and better yet, they’ve managed to carve out a bit of sonic space in that area that’s uniquely their own. Continue reading »

Dec 142020

photo by Uly Curry


(Our friend Justin C., who has spent most of his metal-writing career in recent years as a stalwart at Metal Bandcamp, has brought us this guest review of the latest album by another group of friends — Seattle’s Fucked and Bound — which will be re-released by Quiet Panic on December 18th.)

Pre-pandemic, “Two Minutes to Late Night” started as a YouTube talk show hosted by a corpse-painted Jordan Olds, a.k.a. Gwarsenio Hall, with various metal luminaries as guests. Sadly, not even the hermetically sealed black box that is St. Vitus in NYC is safe, so they had to stop filming, but as a way of keeping themselves (and us) entertained, they started recording covers with their socially distanced friends. They may be a little more obsessed with all things Glenn Danzig-related than what’s healthy, but they’ve produced some scorchers, including White Zombie’s “Super-Charger Heaven”. I knew Lisa Mungo, guest vocalist on this track, from her work in He Whose Ox is Gored. She does a better Rob Zombie than Rob Zombie does, so it’s a fun watch, but the video credited her with a different band, Fucked and Bound.

I knew this name, but I couldn’t remember from where. After some internet sleuthing–and be aware that searching “Fucked and Bound” a lot will have an interesting effect on your search suggestions–I was reminded that they put out a full length called Suffrage in 2018, but sadly it had gone out of print and off of Bandcamp. So how to get more?

Well, we’re in luck, because label Quiet Panic is re-releasing the album on December 18th. I actually ordered the vinyl for this thing, and I don’t even have a record player. Such is my excitement to get that download. Continue reading »

Jan 062017

Mordbrand – photo by Łukasz Jaszak


It’s been a busy week here at NCS, one in which I’ve spent many (many!) hours readying year-end lists for posting, as well as starting the roll-out of our (i.e., my own) list of last year’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. We’ve also had some premieres and interviews and other things. And on top of all that, I got slugged yesterday by a nasty cold. The combined effect of all this has been to prevent me from preparing our usual round-ups of new music.

I’ve still been watching the appearance of new songs and videos and adding them to a list. It’s a long list. I picked a few items off of it for this post. Since the weekends at NCS are essentially all my own, I might prepare some more round-ups for Saturday and Sunday. It’s also possible this cold will cause me to curl up in a ball on the floor and whimper in misery until Monday.

By the way, it looks like we’ll finish LISTMANIA next week. I still have a few excellent lists in hand to post on Monday and Tuesday, and a few more might arrive, but I think we’ll be done soon. The Most Infectious Song series will of course continue until I pick some arbitrary stopping point, which will probably be January 31.

That’s it for an update. Onward to new music…. Continue reading »