Jun 132018


Adam Burke’s glorious artwork for Fringe, the new third album by the Finnish atmospheric sludge/doom band Lurk, preceded the revelation of music from the record, peaking curiosity about what sounds might follow. The first track made available for listening — “Reclaim” — swings and stomps, exuding a dismal and grisly atmosphere while getting the hooked claws of its sinister riffs and twisted leads ever deeper into your head as it moves. One further track has appeared (“Ostrakismos”), and today we bring you a third one in advance of the album’s August 5 release by Transcending Obscurity Records.

Elan” is both deeply disturbing and hypnotic, slowly drawing the listener into an increasingly nightmarish descent, helpless to break away. The spell-casting begins slowly and seductively, but by the time the incantation has been completed, its black-hearted intent stands fully revealed. Continue reading »

May 142018


Well, it seems I had a little free time I didn’t expect to have this morning after completing the writing and editing of posts planned for this Monday, so I thought I’d compile this small round-up of new discoveries, two of which appeared today and one of which arrived last week. Brighten (or darken) your fiendish hearts with these three tracks:


White Noise and Black Metal is the name of the new album by the long-running Swedish black metal cult Craft, their first one in seven years. The release date, through Season of Mist, is June 22nd. In April the label released the album’s first single, “The Cosmic Sphere Falls“, and today brought us another one, and it represents something of a switch from the first. Continue reading »