May 232022

Sometimes an album title alone deserves a round of applause. So often they’re ho-hum hum-drum variations on well-worn tropes, other times they’re so unintelligible as to be word salad without the dressing, and perhaps worst of all they might provide understandable clues — which turn out to be all wrong after you listen to the music. When a title nails the music and does so with flair, that’s when the clapping ought to begin…

…which leads us to the title of Malignant Aura‘s debut album: Abysmal Misfortune Is Draped Upon Me.

When you listen to this jaw-dropping new album of death/doom in its entirety — and you’ll have a chance to do that right now — you’ll understand just how fitting and evocative the title is. Continue reading »

Feb 122022

Demonical – Photo by Jens Ryden

For the last three weeks I’ve stayed away from hard liquor because I’d forgotten where the off-switch was. Beer and wine were still on the alcohol menu because, for whatever reason, it was a lot easier to find the off-switch. But last night I hung out at a bar with an old friend. I’d never been to that particular bar and was surprised to see a bottle of Brennivin sitting on the shelf. I couldn’t resist. This morning I’m brutally reminded why I decided to stay away from the hard stuff for a while.

Fortunately, I picked all the music for this round-up after hours of listening that happened before I met my friend. Because I’m getting a late and painful start this morning, I’m going to launch this post without any commentary about the songs. I’ll probably come back and add the commentary later today, not because anyone needs that but because I like doing it; at least I like doing it when my head is functioning.

Part of the fun in making these choices yesterday was discovering that I could present them in short blocks, creating small groups of songs that seemed to work well together. In doing that I divided the music into five Parts. Hopefully you’ll get what I was thinking, but even if you don’t get the connections I hope you’ll still dig the music. I sure as hell did. Continue reading »