Aug 052022

(Hope Gould prepared the following lusty review of two forthcoming releases that feature the deviant talents of Oregon’s Weregoat, a new full-length and a split with Eggs of Gomorrh.)

There’s a lot of merit in making love: Building the anticipation, savoring the smallest sensations, relishing in the way your partner’s body responds to your touch as the mutual hunger grows. Perhaps taking the time to create some ambience for the occasion, setting the stage for a beautiful exchange of energy and intimacy.

On the other hand, there’s a helluvalot of merit in hard ‘n’ fast fuckin’. With a career centered on unbridled, animalistic depravity, Weregoat know this all too well. Their forthcoming mini-album, coming in just shy of 23 minutes, packs all the punch they need to prove size may not always matter, especially when they know exactly how to use it. The Devil’s Lust, to be released on August 12th, is a crash course in bestial passion. Like a rendezvous with an old lover, fans will find a sick familiarity in revisiting the band’s reliable tricks and a jolting pleasure in their seasoned execution. Continue reading »

Jun 082022

The new album by Eggs of Gomorrh is lyrically devoted to a general disgust for humanity (or at least the Christ-worshiping segments of it) and to blasphemous occult visions of sadistic punishment and merciless retribution — scenes of mutilation, degradation, inhuman monstrosity, ruinous violence, and sexual perversion, all of it frothing in oceans of blood and semen. They revel in the foul riot of their words, and the music within Wombspreader is a fucking riot too, carrying the band to new heights of terrorizing excess.

But this should come as no surprise. Over the course of their 2016 debut album (Rot Prophet), a 2019 EP (Outpregnate), and a 2019 split with the Turkish blasphemers Sarinvomit (Encomium of Depraved Instincts), these Swiss fiends have already established a reputation for delivering astonishingly savage forms of jet-speed sonic annihilation with impressive technical skill — and slipping in some grooves and eerie melody in the midst of their slaughtering tirades.

As you’ll discover from our premiere of their forthcoming second album on the Godz Ov War label, all these qualities are again explosively displayed Continue reading »

Feb 122022

Demonical – Photo by Jens Ryden

For the last three weeks I’ve stayed away from hard liquor because I’d forgotten where the off-switch was. Beer and wine were still on the alcohol menu because, for whatever reason, it was a lot easier to find the off-switch. But last night I hung out at a bar with an old friend. I’d never been to that particular bar and was surprised to see a bottle of Brennivin sitting on the shelf. I couldn’t resist. This morning I’m brutally reminded why I decided to stay away from the hard stuff for a while.

Fortunately, I picked all the music for this round-up after hours of listening that happened before I met my friend. Because I’m getting a late and painful start this morning, I’m going to launch this post without any commentary about the songs. I’ll probably come back and add the commentary later today, not because anyone needs that but because I like doing it; at least I like doing it when my head is functioning.

Part of the fun in making these choices yesterday was discovering that I could present them in short blocks, creating small groups of songs that seemed to work well together. In doing that I divided the music into five Parts. Hopefully you’ll get what I was thinking, but even if you don’t get the connections I hope you’ll still dig the music. I sure as hell did. Continue reading »

May 222019


Krucyator Productions and Atavism Records are presiding over a marriage made in hell. On July 11th they are joining forces to release Encomium of Depraved Instincts, which is the appropriately-worded title of a violent new split by the Swiss nihilists Eggs of Gomorrh and the Turkish blasphemers Sarinvomit. The album-length split includes four tracks by each band, with each group contributing a pair of new songs as well as live performances of two tracks from previous releases.

What we have for you today is one of the new songs by Eggs of Gomorrh, “Shrine of Disgust“, which only further cements this band’s reputation for delivering astonishingly savage forms of sonic mutilation with impressive technical skill — and slipping in some grooves and eerie melody in the midst of their foul, slaughtering tirades. Continue reading »

Jan 242019


Prepare to have your mind blown, because the song we’re about to present really is the kind of extravagantly explosive experience that will leave the most hardened listener pop-eyed, slack-jawed, and wondering “what the hell did I just hear?!?

Prayeggrh” is the name of this song, and it’s one of five (plus a bonus cover of an Arkhon Infaustus track) included on Outpregnate, a new MCD by the Swiss black/death metal band Eggs of Gomorrh, which is set for a March 22 release by the extremist French label Krucyator Productions. The outrageous cover artwork by Daniel “Nekronikon” Corcuera is enough to leave most people pop-eyed and slack-jawed, but it still might not be sufficient warning of the sounds that lie within. Continue reading »

Jun 182016

Gatecreeper-2016 split


My helpful WordPress blogging software tells me that I started writing this post on March 30, 2016, and then I got sidetracked — repeatedly. I’m so tightly wound that I nag myself about things that I start but don’t finish. My life is full of self-nagging. Sometimes, however, that incessant buzzing in my head produces a result. Hence, this post.

This MISCELLANY series is one of several that I started at NCS in the early days, but it has become very irregular in recent years. So a refresher on the MISCELLANY game is probably worthwhile: On a fairly random basis, I pick releases I’ve not heard before, usually by bands I’ve not heard before; I listen to a song or two (usually without much advance idea of what the music will sound like); I write my immediate impressions; and I then stream what I heard so you can make your own judgments.


In my “refresher” above, I forgot to add that I sometimes violate the rules of the MISCELLANY game, and for this first item I’ve done that because I knew something about Arizona’s Gatecreeper before listening to this song. Two years ago I featured one of their videos in a round-up, and after that I grabbed the EP that included the song in the video. Continue reading »