Dec 092015
Mammoth Storm

Mammoth Storm


(Comrade Aleks brings us another interview, this time with Daniel Arvidsson of Sweden’s Mammoth Storm.)

Mammoth Storm is a sharp description in itself of the music this Swedish band perform. This bloody power trio from Sweden has a tight, massive sound and a solid strong line-up. Daniel Arvidsson (bass, vocals) of Draconian rides this beast with his comrades at arms Emil Ahlman (drums, organ) and Christer Ström (guitars).

The bulky creature of Mammoth Storm released its first big work Fornjot through Napalm Records one month ago and just returned from a pilgrimage they did with Ahab and High Fighter, spreading thunderous riffs and primordial rumble in chosen cities of Europe. Welcome to the antediluvian era of earthquakes, giant beasts, immense glaciers, and fires falling from the skies performed in heavy doom music. Daniel will be our guide. Continue reading »

Nov 192015



(Grant Skelton steps forward for round-up duty with this collection of mostly new music from five bands.)


Mammoth Storm are a three-piece from Saffle, Sweden. They released a demo in 2013. Less than a year later, Mammoth Storm followed that demo with a self-released EP called Rite Of Ascension. Their debut album Fornjot (named for an ancient Norse giant) was released earlier this month on Napalm Records.

Mammoths and Norse giants are fitting imagery for the kind of riffs this band writes. Enormous, loud, and destructive. They recently completed a tour with their labelmates Ahab and High Fighter. If you’re into either of those bands, then Mammoth Storm definitely have something for you. Below are the lyric video to the title track “Fornjot,” as well as a Soundcloud stream of “Augurs Echo.” Find Fornjot on Amazon and iTunes. The album also includes “Ancient Apocalypse,” a bonus track re-recorded from their 2013 demo. Continue reading »

Oct 132015

HIGH FIGHTER_7233_©  by Frau Siemers Fotografiert
photo © by Frau Siemers Fotografiert

(We present Comrade Aleks’ interview with Mona Miluski, vocalist for Germany’s High Fighter.)

High Fighter is a fresh sludgy formation from Germany. Just a year ago the band recorded their first EP under sacramental title The Goat Ritual, and take a look – they’re already going on tour with Ahab in October! If you’re ready for an intransigent sludge attack then check our interview with Mona Miluski, High Fighter frontwoman.


Hail Mona! How are you there? I’d like to ask you to shed some light on High Fighter’s origin, so I hope that you have nothing against a few questions about it.

Absolutely not, keep them coming. Thanks for having us on No Clean Singing. Continue reading »