Feb 152013

It’s been too long since we last recommended Metality.net , a site that provides broad coverage of global metal but also has a special focus on metal from the Middle East. In the past they’ve released some kickass digital compilations that we’ve been delighted to co-sponsor, and this morning brings us the most impressive one yet — Volume 3: Global Waves of Destruction.

This comp features free music from around the world (with the permission of the labels and acts involved) that includes songs from the likes of Omnium Gatherum, Mors Principium Est, Scarab, Oblivion, Nervecell, Destinity, Nightrage, Universum, and Zonaria — that track from Egypt’s Scarab is brand new and will appear on their upcoming album, Serpents of the Nile

But the comp also includes a big collection of exclusive tracks by less well-known, unsigned bands that are definitely worth hearing — including some (like Voice of the Soul) that we’ve praised here at NCS in the past.

Here’s the track list, and after that you can hear the music and we’ll give you a download link for the comp if you like what you hear. Continue reading »

Aug 032010

Metality.net is a metal blog run by a dude named iRoar from Cairo, Egypt. We first came across it when we were doing research for our series about Metal From North Africa (the first installment of which you can find here). It’s a very slick site, and it’s also a doorway to metal from parts of the world that aren’t uppermost on the radar screen for yokels from Seattle like us.

But the main reason we’re telling you about Metality today is that iRoar has done an amazingly beneficent thing for metalheads worldwide. He has put together a compilation of some truly stupendous metal, apparently with the official approval of all the bands involved — and he has made it available for free download.

The occasion for this comp is the celebration of his 1000th post. And we would like to wish him a very happy 1000th birthday, with best wishes for many thousands of birthdays to come.

As for that comp he put together, it really is a global collective. It includes bands (28 of them, to be precise) from Europe, India, the U.S., South America, and the Middle East/Gulf States region.

Among the band are some we know and really dig — Nervecell (U.A.E.), Norther (Finland), Demonic Resurrection (India), Scarab (Egypt), CiLiCe (Netherlands), Empyreon (U.S.), and Mantric (Norway) — and many we discovered for the first time through this compilation.

After the jump, you can see the whole list, you can stream samples of every song, and we’ll give you a link for the free download. Continue reading »