Mar 232017


(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new music video from the French band Michel Anoia.)

A bit over one year ago from now, Islander premiered the song “Two Mountains” from French metal maniacs Michel Anoia off their album Plethora, and the utterly demented and brain-melting experience of that song had me instantly hooked on their impossible-to-categorize and unique style of extreme metal. When premiering it, Islander astutely described it as “ a musical Frankenstein’s monster assembled with bits and pieces of grindcore, technical death metal, psychedelia, and jazz. But simply stitching those words together falls short as a means of trying to capture the sound.”

If you missed it then, you’re going to want to check out today’s music video premiere for “Two Mountains”. It’s not a typical band performance music video. The well-shot black-and-white video for “Two Mountains” has a very rich and cinematic look to it, with choppy frenetic scenes to match the equally disturbing music. Hit play, and give in to the madness contained within, both visually and aurally. Continue reading »

Nov 232016



(Austin Weber brings us another premiere, this time a video for a song from the new album by Michel Anoia.)

Way back in the early days of 2016, our esteemed editor Islander premiered a song called “Two Mountains” by the mind-boggling metal force from Lyon, France known as Michel Anoia. As he often does, he then tipped me off to the group, figuring it’d be right up my alley. He couldn’t have been more correct, as their new album Plethora has become one of my all-time favorite albums for the entire year. Now, as usual, things somehow strangely have come full circle as we unleash an exclusive music video premiere for one of  the songs on Plethora  called “La Terreur d’Exister”. Continue reading »

Jan 292016

Michel Anoia-Plethora Cover


Are you sitting down? If you aren’t you probably should. Or, if you kind of like the idea of experiencing vertigo and falling through a window or off a ledge, then maybe you should stand up and move someplace where you can do the most violence to yourself when your inner ear gets put through a sonic centrifuge — because that’s what’s about to happen.

The song we have for you as a disorientation experiment is “Two Mountains“, and it’s one of eight delightfully perplexing and irretrievably deranged songs on Plethora, the new album by a French quartet from Lyon named Michel Anoia. Continue reading »