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(Austin Weber introduces our premiere of a new music video from the French band Michel Anoia.)

A bit over one year ago from now, Islander premiered the song “Two Mountains” from French metal maniacs Michel Anoia off their album Plethora, and the utterly demented and brain-melting experience of that song had me instantly hooked on their impossible-to-categorize and unique style of extreme metal. When premiering it, Islander astutely described it as “ a musical Frankenstein’s monster assembled with bits and pieces of grindcore, technical death metal, psychedelia, and jazz. But simply stitching those words together falls short as a means of trying to capture the sound.”

If you missed it then, you’re going to want to check out today’s music video premiere for “Two Mountains”. It’s not a typical band performance music video. The well-shot black-and-white video for “Two Mountains” has a very rich and cinematic look to it, with choppy frenetic scenes to match the equally disturbing music. Hit play, and give in to the madness contained within, both visually and aurally.



Gautier Roscoet, the director for this video had this to say about it:

“The desire to tell this type of story stems from a passion for Film Noir, and “Two Mountains” represented to me two states: servitude and emancipation, which was perfect for this story.

“After years of physical and mental domination, our heroine finds in her the strength to overcome the terror of everyday life and to face it. This domination is exercised by a man who is never seen, a disembodied dark force. It is emphasized that a battered woman carries the stigma of her condition while a violent husband is integrated and invisible. Although under the influence of her husband, this woman had already thought of leaving, as indicated by some elements in the clip. It is through her future motherhood that she finally finds the resources to free herself from her executioner.”


*For our readers who live in Europe, Michel Anoia will be on tour from late May to early June. Dates are as follows:

24.05 – Bourges – Le Nadir (w/ Ruines)
25.05 – Lyon – Bar des Capucins (w/ Ruines)
26.05 – Marseille – La Salle Gueule (w/ Ruines)
27.05 – Barcelona – TBA (w/ Ruines)
28.05 – Valencia – TBA (w/ Ruines)
29.05 – Dalias – La Rambla Pub
30.05 – Lisboa – Disgraça
31.06 – Viana do Castelo – Cave Avenida (w/ Redemptus)
01.06 – Porto – (w/ Redemptus)
02.06 – Vitoria-Gasteiz – Ardo Ona
03.06 – Toulouse – Les Pavillons Sauvages


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