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For my comrades and I here at our putrid site, WarCrab’s album Scars of Aeons was one of the biggest, brightest, and stupendously heaviest discoveries of 2016. Grant Skelton named it to his list of the year’s best death metal albums. I included a track from the album on our list of 2016’s Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs. And Andy Synn praised the album in his review with these pungent words:

“With a sound that can best be described as a humongous hybrid of the chugging, churning assault of classic Bolt Thrower, the swaggering, sludge-soaked grooves of Crowbar, and the sheer, merciless morbidity of Autopsy at their doomiest, Scars of Aeons is one heck of a weighty listen. There are riffs here which are heavy enough to break an elephant’s back, and slithering grooves as thick and meaty as an anaconda on steroids.

“In fact I’m surprised this album doesn’t come with an attached safety warning and a recommendation that listeners wear a hard-hat at all times in order to prevent cranial trauma. It really is that [expletive deleted] heavy!”



Transcending Obscurity Records is now going to bring out the first CD edition of this titanic album, and to pave the way for that we’re premiering a video for the brooding, bruising, bombastic “Destroyer of Worlds“.

This is a mercilessly bludgeoning song, with a central riff that’s as addictive as it is dismal. When the band shift into an even lower gear, it becomes even more of a crusher, putting the listener’s head into a vice and methodically turning the wheel. And if that’s not destructive enough for you, they finish with a blast of incineration.

It’s the kind of music that merits the song’s title, which recalls the shivering words of atomic scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer after he witnessed the first atomic bomb test in July 1945, words that he borrowed from the Bhagavad Gita: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.



Transcending Obscurity is releasing Scars of Aeons in a variety of CD editions and bundles, as well as digitally, on May 1. To check out the options and to pre-order, go here:

WARCRAB on Facebook:

Transcending Obscurity:



  1. I haven’t posted in awhile. I stopped by to catch up. I totally missed this while going through the year end lists. I don’t listen to things, and I pass on them when the style doesn’t match my tastes. Well I listened today, and after listening to the 3 tracks available I purchased the CD. I guess I could’ve picked up the digital album only, but I splurged a little 😉

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