Aug 022021


The first song I heard by the blackened death punk band New Hell from Providence, Rhode Island, was a single called “Ashes” off their 2020 EP Phosphorus. It was a super-heated race that left vivid after-images, but in addition to delivering a searing adrenaline kick, there were feelings of tension and angst in those sounds, as well as oppression and bleakness. Now we come back around to new New Hell again, but it’s a different kind of hellishness we have from them today.

What we have now is the premiere stream of a track called “Abuse of Power“, which is being released today as a single but will be included on the band’s forthcoming split with New Hampshire’s The Slow Death of Gaia, which will be released on August 28th by Deciduous Records. Continue reading »

May 012020


In making my way through the continuing flood of new music over the last 36 hours I hit a stretch of high-energy, technically impressive music with pronounced melodies, albeit with a lot of different embellishments and stylistic intersections (most involving elements of death and black metal). I decided to put those together here, and then veered way off the rails at the end with a trio of songs that make me smile when I imagine your reactions.

LANTERN (Finland)

To begin, let’s consider “Strange Nebula“. You won’t need a telescope, merely your ears and an open mind. Continue reading »