Aug 232016

Nox-Ancestral Arte Negro


The cover of Ancestral Arte Negro, the new EP by the Colombian black metal band Nox, features a member of the band spitting a ball of fire. It’s a cover that suits the music contained within, which is a great surging torrent of scorching fury. As you’re about to discover, however, there are more dimensions to the music of Nox than their ability to incinerate listeners.

Ancestral Arte Negro will be released internationally on August 26 by Forever Plagued Records, and it’s our pleasure to give you the chance to hear all four tracks in advance of its release. Continue reading »

Jun 262016



I’ve been playing catch-up on new and newly discovered music this weekend. It’s been a very good series of listening sessions, and now I’m up to my eyebrows in tracks I’d like to share. I posted one round-up earlier today, and in this one I’m focusing on new music in a blackened vein.  But this post won’t exhaust all the black(ish) music that’s now burning in my head, and so my plan is to compile a second installment of Shades of Black for posting tomorrow. As usual, I’ve tried to select the songs, and to divide them between Parts 1 and 2, in a way that would provide a diverse listening experience.


When I reviewed Kaeck’s Stormkult last year, I identified two aspects of the music that I thought made it one of the brightest stars in the firmament of 2015 black metal releases:  First, even in a genre known for its extreme intensity, Stormkult is extremely intense. For almost its entire duration, it’s a raging hurricane of sound — bombastic, terrorizing, and chillingly grim. If you want to be electrified by music, this will do it, and leave your head smoking. Continue reading »

Dec 162010

Oh, the things I do as a result of my borderline OCD affliction. Earlier this morning, I posted the next-to-last feature in our Finland Metal Week tribute, and for the sake of being complete, we focused that post on Apocalyptica, Nightwish, and Lordi. Why did we do that? Because they’re globally popular (massively so), they’re sort of metal, and they’re from Finland.

But really, what were we thinking? This site is called NO CLEAN SINGING. Early on, we defined our main focus as extreme metal of the kind that’s fast, brutal, cathartic. Sure, we don’t limit ourselves to the core NCS musical style — as witnessed by lots of the bands we’ve featured in our Finland Tribute Week posts. But at the same time, we don’t want to give people the wrong impression. As far as music goes, most of the time, this is not a nice place to visit, and we’ve never let “popularity” define the music we feature.

We got a reminder of just how far around the bend we’ve gone from this comment yesterday by one of our long-time, bloody-minded readers, Aaron: “Jesus christ this week has been a fucking long one. I haven’t liked a single band you’ve talked about. Nope, not even Children of Bodom.” Man, that was a wake-up call — one we’re answering.

So while we’re featuring Apocalyptica, Nightwish, and Lordi today — for the sake of obsessive completeness — we need to give ourselves, and maybe some of you, a couple of shots of acid, with a paint-remover chaser. Y’know, just to cleanse the palatte.

Just a couple of quick shots to scour out the inside of our craniums (and yours) and make the blood run in crimson rivulets from our ears and allow us to rage at the skies. Just a couple of songs from the likes of NOX and Disparaged(after the  jump . . .) Continue reading »